Helping my step brother rub one out

Younger brothers need help sometimes. Your step sister is willing to help you today. She knows that you cannot get a girl, so she takes pity on you. Oh, but don’t think that this is a freebie. You will owe her big-time, but you do not care. You just want her to get naked. Trinity removes her shirt and you start to masturbate right there in front of her. Her bra is now off and those miniscule titties are just what you love. The smaller the better. Her shorts look extremely short, but she now removes them while you keep stroking. Is it really wrong to do this with your step sister? It isn’t like you are related by blood, so you suspect it is actually okay. Now you see her pussy and you cannot believe how lucky you are. That is what it takes to get you there. Give your step sister your jizz. She wants it all over her. Trinity thinks that you did a fine job, but you need some practice, but you have to keep it a secret.


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