Drunk Sister Teaches Brother Ass Eating…Dirty and HOT Brother-Sister Dialogs English!

Your big sister is back again, and this time, I am fucking drunk! I stumble into your room, and fall onto the floor. I tell you about my night at the party, and how I am still horny. I been thinking about some things that I should teach you next. I taught you how to jerk, how to get girls off, how to fuck, hmm what else can I teach you? Hmm, I know! Eating out a girls ass! Some girls really like it, I know I do. I love anal play. Want me to show you what to do?
Okay, first you can the girl spread her ass cheeks like this, bent over. And you put your mouth and pretend like your french kissing her butthole. You can squeze and caresse her buttchecks while your licking her bum, like this. Are you following along? Okay, then show me what I just taught you then. Yeah, thats a good job.
Here is another pointer, lick up and down the crack, and maybe give it a little nibble if your both feeling frisky. Want to try that out too? Ooopsie, I am sorry I farted in your face, lol, to much beer for me gives me gas. I was so drunk, I even had anal sex tonight and I let the guy cum in my ass. Should I have told you that before you started to eat my ass? Ooopsie again. I am your big sister an I love teaching you sexual things, but I can’t help it to pull pranks on you to, like farting cum farts in your face while I am teaching you how to eat it out. Hehe, how intoxicating. I am wasted. Hope you enjoyed your lesson.


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