Sister Teaches Brother to Jerk!

Oopsie, little brother maybe you should lock your door when your jerking off. No, it’s okay you can continue, I am going to sit down, is that okay? I couldn’t help but notice you were beating off all wrong. I could teach you how to do it right, I am pretty much a pro. First off, your not hard enough. You have to think about something sexy, use whats in your spank bank. You don’t know what I’m talking about, :deep sigh: you don’t know much lil bro. Here let me help you get real hard. Look at my tits, I will show them to you close up. See, they are nice and big, just like your cock is getting. Now, here jerk off like this, let me demonstrate. Your doing a great job I am so proud of you! It’s taking you a while, I will help speed it along. Ever see a pussy before? Your about to. Here is the clit, here is the hole where the cock goes, see? Notice I am very wet? That happens when a girl gets horny. Wow, see your beating off really great right now. My pussy is so wet, I need to rub one out myself. Wanna both cum at the same time? I will talk you through it as I am masturbating. That was so hot, that orgasm was amazing, what do you think, did you enjoy it? Okay, well I gotta go before mom notices something is up, I wouldn’t tell her about this. If you ever need any more help my bedroom is across the hall, your big sister isn’t done teaching you to cum just yet.


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