Jerk in front of MOM!

Jerk in front of MOM!
Young Zig didn’t mean to get BUSTED JERKING OFF by his MOM… how embarrassing! And CRUEL MOM makes it even worse by calling his SISTER into his room to further his EMBARRASSMENT! What a bitch!

But MOM failed to realize how his SISTER was going to react! Instead of laughing at him, she says it’s no big deal, guys jerk off! HER MOM is even more appalled when his SISTER give his WANGER a playful poke with her finger… “Don’t touch it!” exclaims her MOM but his rather SEXY YOUNG SISTER has already got it in her head that she wants to PLAY WITH HIS PORKER!

As you can imagine, MOM is HORRIFIED and DEMANDS that her DAUGHTER is not to touch her BROTHERS “THING” ever again.. this only makes the SEXY TEENER even HORIER! She grabs hold of BRO’s BONER and starts giving it a vigorous PUMPING!

Poor MOM can only watch in SHOCK as her DAUGHTER SUCKS her step-BROTHER’s TENT POLE and TICKLES HIS NUTS while she does it!

MOM starts out shouting and screaming, but soon goes quiet as she watches her LITTLE GIRL doing a VIGOROUS HAND JOB on her BROTHER! Maybe she likes it a bit..?

Just as MOM bends over for a CLOSER LOOK, the boy’s BALLS ERUPT in a SPLATTERING CUM LOAD…as you can see in the preview, MOM CAN”T BELIEVE HER EYES! Meanwhile his sister continues to PUMP HIS PENIS while he EMPTIES HIS BALLS all over the sheets! What do you think his SISTER DOES NEXT?


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