Mother-in-Law VS Son-In-Law!

Son-In-Law Fucks Me Doggie!

SON-IN-LAW FUCKS ME DOGGIE STYLE, SPANKS MY ASS, AND CUMS IN ME. HEAR EVERY SOUND HAS I GET FUCKED. I was waiting for my rendezvous with my favourite cock I was in the bedroom with just my stockings and heels, you know what I have in mind don’t you!!. I hear the door and the excitement rushes through me……I’m ready to get laid!!. I call to my Son-In-Law and he doesn’t keep me waiting his cock is ready for action. Watch as I suck him taking him deep into my mouth the he turns me around and fucks me doggie style. I gasp as pushes his thick cock deep inside, oh he felt so good!. I wanted to fuck him so he lay down and I mounted his rigid cock, see it slide all the way in and out!!. Watch as I grind my pussy down hard onto his cock, and has I fuck him he spanks my ass, you will love to seeing his cock disappearing inside me!. I then ride him in reverse as he gropes my tits from behind oh what a thrill to have this virile cock at my beck and call. Until he deposits his warm hot cum deep inside my pussy.


Son-in-law Fucks And Cums In Me!

Bareback sex with my Son-In-law hear every moan and grown. I arranged to meet with my Son-In-Law and I knew for sure that it was for just one thing, no excuses for getting him over I wanted him for myself plain and simple!!. He got himself ready in the bedroom and I was delighted to see the most wonderful hard cock waiting for me. I wasted no time at all, I slipped onto the bed in my see through baby doll and went straight down on him. I sucked and licked his delicious cock and then in a flash I was on top of him fucking him hard. I gasped as I felt every inch he had deep inside me, I started grinding my juicy, hungry pussy onto him and loved how he filled me. I fucked him in lots of different positions, he was so deep, he grabbed my ass and fucked me really hard. My daughter is so very lucky to have that to come home to every night!. As I rode him I moaned with pleasure and I knew he was loving it too. I bounced on and off, ground deep and squatted on him as he fucked my wet juicy pussy and made him explode deep inside me. There was so much cum. Wow what an afternoon can’t wait till the next time!!


Cream Pie From My Son-in-Law!

I can’t believe I did this! I fucked my Son-In-Law while “she” was right down stairs! I told you that she should pay him more attention! I tried and tried to get him over to my house all alone. When I couldn’t manage to do that I came up with a way to sneak him off upstairs while nobody was paying attention! I started out by sucking his hard shaft. I took him in and out of my warm mouth. His cock felt so good deep in my throat. Then, I mounted him and rode him hard and fast. He spread my pussy lips wide and slid his hard cock into my yearning pussy. His precum keeps me so wet that I am dripping by the time he fills me with his massive load in the end. I ride him cowgirl style as I whisper to him not to make a peep! I moan and groan as I have a huge orgasm and in the very end you will see me spread my cum-filled pussy wide for you to look at. You will see all of the oozing cum dripping all over and hear me ask you one simple question…


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