Curious Cristine – Sister Fucks Brother For The 1st Time! English Dialogs!

My pussy is so wet right now. An it’s all for you my brother. Tonight, you get to lose your virginity to your big sister. I will talk you through it, so don’t be shy, you will do great I bet. We don’t need lube because my pussy is really wet, so my legs are spread wide for you. Just take your hard dick and place it right at the opening. It’s going to feel great the moment it enters into your sister pussy but hold back and don’t cum okay? Yeah,just like that, put it in slowly. Mmm, thats good nice and deep, fit your whole dick inside. This is amazing, I hope your enjoy this little brother. Watch my face as you thrust into me, see how much I enjoy my brothers dick in me. So good. It’s hard to contain myself, I want to fuck you so hard, but I don’t want you to cum, fuck I am soooo horny. Your doing so well for a first timer. Are you sure your a virgin? Oh, your going to try to fuck me hard? I am ready and waiting. Holy fuck, little brother your such a good fuck! Damn, this is hot, I feel like I am going to explode! But we both need to wait off for a min or two, I want some other things to be done to me first.


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