Unthinkable (1984)

Cast: Tamara Longley … Anna, the Maid
Bunny Bleu … Sandy – the Younger Sister
Pamela Mann … Older Sister
Scott Irish … Skip – the Older Brother
Honey Wilder … Mom
Eric Edwards … Dad
Mark Harris … Plumber
Jerry Davis … Boyfriend
Where can I find this movie to enjoy once again. I saw it when I was in my 20’s and Tamara Longley really left a lasting impression on me. I’d love to see it again. She’s so hot in this movie and what a babe she was / is. I’ve checked everywhere and can not find this movie to rent or own. Any ideas anyone? In the 20 years since I first saw this movie, I’ve modeled three of the last four women in my life after her. I’d love to know what she looks like today. Any ideas? I wonder if there are any current photos of her. I know that Ginger Lynn, Ona Zee, Nina Hartley and a few others are still looking hot well into there 40’s. Anyway, there is a seen in this movie where Tamara is bending over picking up something and teasing the repair man. She gives him the most incredible look-up-her-skirt from behind peak and yes, without any panties. He gets so turned on that he mounts her right on a pool table and Tamara in all her glory, takes it like the women she is.


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