I jerked off my Brother!!!

My friend Tatiana came over to help me move. She was beginning to get frustrating, asking why I’m packing all this when it is just garbage. Luckily for me, i was done because i had to leave, so my Brother was going to come and help her pack the stuff. I told her, he will make sure nothing is tossed out. I leave but realize i forgot something behind, i walk in and Tatiana is on the couch with my bro hanging out. WTF is going on. Bro i thought you were going to help pack the stuff. Tatiana jumps into conversation and says my bro harassed her. And then why do you have that look like your gong to pull his pants down and stroke his cock? Bro jumps into conversation. Your friend is easy. She then jumps back in and says, why don’t you help me stroke his cock? WTF HE’S MY Brother!!! Oh come on she says, he is just another man. Well, as I’m looking over, she pulls his pants down, and i notice he does have an amazing looking cock. I guess it didn’t take much convincing to jump in. As i begin to stroke his cock, he admits that he has had a crush on me, and has been secretly watching my every move. I take my panties off and shove them in his mouth as he proudly says. Ah its my sisters great scent. He then admits to the only reason he has been offering to do my laundry is to jerk off to them and sniff my scent i leave behind. I can’t resist. My shorts come off, my tits are out of my shirt, he’s squeezing my ass. Damm!! BRO KNOWS WHAT HE IS DOING. Tatiana and I continue to stroke his cock, then he begins to suck her titties and drool over mine, because he is not allowed to touch. He then sucks on her pussy, shyly glancing my way. We continue stroking, and stroking, and stroking, and as he is ready to cum, I DON’T THINK SO! YOUR MY FUCKING Brother! ENJOY YOUR FUCKING BLUE BALLS! (As i walk away thinking, damm my bro as a nice cock)


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