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Rachel ‘s sister Julia and her nephew came for a visit. Rachel lived on a beautiful farm far away from the busy city. She and her son Brycen were very content there and had an unusual lifestyle. Julia’s son James was on the dean’s list and studied all the time. He wanted to make his mother proud for all her hard work getting him through school. Brycen and Rachel had a loving sexual relationship, Rachel also had given birth to Brycen’s son. Julia had no idea. She was told that Rachel was again a single mom. After 2 weeks of having to stay away from each other Brycen told Rachel he needed to have her even if just for a quickie. Rachel had French doors off her bedroom. Julia and James were out on the porch in view studying. They had their backs to Rachel’s bedroom windows. Rachel told him they could not because they may see them and Julia would not understand. Brycen told her they would do it quick and quiet. Rachel was just as desperate for her son’s cock as he was for her wet pussy. Brycen began kissing his mother convincing her. She dropped to her knees. Rachel slowly sucked his cock as she peeked at the doors with Julia and James facing away from them. They got on the bed and began to fuck. Brycen and Rachel moaned together. Rachel covered her mouth as well as his so Julia and James would not hear them. Brycen humped her fast and came hard inside her. They felt great relief. It was exciting to have risky sex like that! The next day Rachel came out into the living room topless wearing garter and stockings. James was in his room studying and Brycen was at work. Julia was startled when Rachel walked out. She was concerned that Brycen was due home any minute and she should cover up. Rachel laughed and asked Julia’s opinion on what top she should wear. Brycen walked in the front door and Julia’s eyes widened. Rachel did nothing. She did not even cover up or act surprised. Brycen hugged his mom and slapped her on the ass as he went to the kitchen. Julia was stunned. Rachel saw it was time to confess to her closest sister, she knew she would understand. Rachel told her about her unusual relationship with her son as well as that Bryen got her pregnant. She flashed back to their encounter that got her pregnant. Julia did not agree but she never judged Rachel’s decisions. She was older and smarter. Rachel left for work. Brycen came home later that day. Julia and he began to chat. Julia brought up the confession. Brycen explained that they loved each other unconditionally and they had a son together. Julia tried to change the subject but Brycen kept asking Julia if she ever had sexual feelings for her son. Julia denied it. Brycen moved closer to his sexy aunt. He touched her leg as he told her more stories. Julia became excited but hid it. He asked her if she thought about him ever. He moved in and kissed her. Julia had been alone for years getting James through school. His kisses felt really good! He took her hand. With some more convincing that it was OK and placed it on his hard on. Julia had not had a hard cock in a long time. She decided that this was what she really wanted. Julia got on her knees and slowly loved his cock. Soon they were naked and fucking hard. Rachel walked in on them and smiled. Brycen did not stop. Rachel sat on the edge of the couch and asked her how it felt. She watched her son fuck her sister until they invited to join in. Rachel took off her clothes and masturbated as they fucked. She talked about James to Julia. James came in the back door and heard the noise. He saw them all and watched. Something inside James stirred. He spent all his adult life with his mother, she sacrificed her life for him. He loved her like Brycen loved Rachel. The next afternoon Brycen and James had a chat. James told Brycen he saw what happened. James confessed he too had those feelings for his mom. Brycen told him he would set it up so he could have his mother and his aunt together. Brycen and Rachel were sexually engaged when Julia came into her bedroom. They got her on the bed and all joined in. The plan was working. James knew to wait and then walk in; he did. Julia was embarrassed at first but Rachel quickly convinced her that it would be a great experience. Rachel took her nephew’s cock in her mouth to prepare him for his mother while Julia blew Brycen. Rachel kissed her nephew and let him explore her body. She laid him down next to Brycen and smothered him with her tits. She slid down between his legs and began to suck his cock. Julia’s hand soon wandered over to her son’s crotch and she jerked his cock while Rachel sucked him. They soon switched places and had their son’s cocks in their mouths. Brycen put his mother on her hands and knees and fucked her from behind. She had a great view of her sister getting her pussy licked by her son. Soon James entered his mother for the first time. She moaned in pleasure as her son fucked her and her sister sucked on her tits. James did not last long. Soon he pulled his cock out and shot his load on his mother’s face while Rachel held it. Brycen was so turned on watching the women that he was ready to shoot too. The women laid on their backs with Brycen standing over them. James licked his mother’s pussy as Brycen shot his load on both their faces. Rachel asked if everyone was OK with the situation and they all agreed. This was going to be a wonderful family visit.


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