Incesti italiani 18 – Consolami papa – Comfort Me Daddy

Valentina was bringing her fiance Marco to meet her parents. While Valentina’s father was puzzling as why his wife was all dressed up, she retorted that she was sick of their 25 years of miserable marriage, unknowing that her daughter and son were eavesdropping on their conversation. When Marco was there, the mother asked him in private how was the sex liked between him and her daughter, assuring the shy Marco that she just wanted to make sure that he wasn’t too reserved about it. While the mother was trying to seduce her daughter’s fiance, her son was spying on her and he showed Valentina what was going on between mom and Marco. The son then told Marco to leave and he told his mom that he loved her despite her slutiness. Mom returned the compliment and seduced and fucked her son instead. Meanwhile Valentina went to sort comfort from her father, and they fucked each other silly.

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