Unsuitable Behavior – FULL VERSION – Mother and Son!

My son Bryce is something fucking else. He wont go to school and he wont get a job. I left at 7am this morning for work and when I returned after 5 he hadn’t moved an inch. He was still parked on the sofa dozing in and out of slumber. Unfucking Believable!! I screamed at him to get the fuck up. He gave me a bullshit story that he was gone all day trying to find a job. I knew he was full of it. I have been on his ass to at least clean the pool for me since he doesn’t do anything all day. When I checked on the pool do you think he actually did it? Fuck no! I was mentally and physically exhausted my him. I was so fucking frazzled! A friend of mine who owed me a favor gave my son a job at his ice cream parlor and he was to start the next day. When I informed my son of this he bitched and moaned of course but he had no other option. The next day I waited at the dining room table for my son to return from his first day on the job. To tell you the truth I was amazed he actually made it through 8 hours of work. As I heard him open the door I was preparing myself for him complaining and expected him to quit the job just like all the other jobs he’s had. To my surprise Bryce walked in with a smile on his face and said he actually liked it! I was so happy and was keeping my fingers crossed that this may actually work out for him. My son explained excitedly that today he learned how to make a BANANA split! He really wanted to make one for me and I graciously accepted as I was really impressed with his new attitude. He went off to the kitchen and when he returned my smile quickly vanished from my face. Bryce had arranged the ice cream scoops and BANANA in a very inappropriate way. He acted as if nothing was wrong and encouraged me to begin eating. I felt so embarrassed and uncomfortable. I mean, what was he thinking? How could he not know that that was unsuitable behavior. He could sense my unwillingness and he seemed to withdraw. I was in a tough spot here. In a last ditch effort of an advance my son asked me if I wanted his BANANA instead. God knows I wanted to be supportive and I needed him to keep this job so I complied. I eased out his prick and began swirling my tongue around his cock knob, lapping up the precum of his raging hard on. I sucked my son’s cock all the way down my throat. The taste of his prick was filling my mind with desire for him. I told Bryce that I wanted him inside of me. He leaned me down to the dining room table and my son entered me. My cunt expanded as Bryce fucked me deep and then my pussy narrowed as he pulled back between thrusts. My passion for my son overcame me and my pussy creamed throbbing lusciously as I came all over his prick. I now climbed on top of his cock and grinded him deep as I bobbed my cunt up and down his fuck stick. He then stood me up and fucked me from behind. He told me how fucking tight I was and surged his cum milk all over my face.

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