My Son, this is Wrong!

Rachel Steele was napping. Her son Phillip snuck in her bedroom to sniff her panties and jerk off to his mom’s sweet smell. Rachel awoke and entered the room. She saw her son with cum all over him and her panties in his hand. Rachel flipped out. She did not know he had those thoughts about her. Rachel ordered him to the shower to clean up. She was very upset and shocked. Phillip apologized and told her he couldn’t help his desires. Rachel so upset entered the shower with him to clean away the dirty cum. She soaped up his cock and scrubbed it. Phillip became hard. Rachel was dumbfounded. She told him this was wrong. She reminded him she was his mother and he should not become aroused in front of her. He just blushed and grew harder. Rachel took him out of the shower and into the tub. She felt he was still dirty. He confessed his desire for her. Rachel knew she had to do something. She removed her wet clothes and began cleaning his cock. She then saw how hard he was and realized she should jerk the dirty cum out of him so his desires would dissolve. She loved him so very much and was willing to do such a taboo deed for her son. Rachel reluctantly began jerking her son off. She sucked and stroked. She put her tits in his face to help him cum fast. Rachel reminded him that this was not normal and he needed help. Phillip just laid back and watched his beautiful mom finish him off. Rachel jerked his cum on to her white lace panties. She told him to go and hands wash all the panties he sniffed.


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