Leena Sky – Son Prepares for College HD

Luke enters the room, then the bathroom and points the camera towards mum and says,
“Hey mum, thanks again for the Camera. This acceptance present is great. 12MP pictures, HD 1080p video recording, just awesome…”
Leena is in a tight sexy dress, and preoccupied with trying to put on makeup, “You’re welcome honey…” she says.
She turns around and sees the camera, and asks “are you shooting this right now?”
“Yup” replies the son
She covers her face and says jokingly, “Not when I don’t even have makeup on!”
“What are you talking about mum, you look great regardless” replies the son
“Awe, thanks” mom says as she goes back to finishing up on her makeup.
Son asks “are you going somewhere tonight?”
“Yes. Your dad and I have to go to that fundraiser dinner party to get to. He should be here in about 20 minutes or so.” Replies mom.
“Oh that’s why you look so hot” says the son. He starts fondling mom’s tits and ass.
After a bit of fondling, he takes out his cock and asks “Mom, can you please take care of this before you go?”
She grabs his cock but asks “On camera?!”
“I’m heading out of state to College soon, and you’ve been telling me that you don’t want me fucking random girls, and to concentrate on my studies. I kinda need material to “relieve” myself once in a while, mom. It’s not like you can visit me as often as you’d like or I could visit as often as I’d like, without it being suspicious. These “home videos” will help us both” says the son.
“Well, alright” replies mom. She walks to the bathroom door, closes and locks it citing “Just in case”
Then she kneels and starts sucking his cock while looking up at the camera.
She says to her son, in between sucks, to remember how good mum’s mouth feels right now.
She dirty talks to him giving Jerk Off Instructions for when the son watches and reminisces about this in the future, when he watches it again in college.
“I gotta get some of that pussy” says the son as he can’t take anymore.
The son pulls mum up, helps her get on the counter top, hikes her dress up, moves her panties to side and sticks his cock inside her.
He pulls down / removes her dress to reveal her tits, as he fucks her and fondles her tits.
Mom and son fuck and dirty talk in various positions.
While they are fucking doggie style dad tries to open the bathroom door, and then knocks.
Son is unwavering as he continues to fuck mom regardless of the situation.
Mom says “Hey, I’m still getting ready! Be out in a couple minutes!”
Mom turns on the water and tells her son “We have to finish up”
“Mom, I’m not close enough” replies the son
Mom knowing her son’s weakness is dirty talk starts begging him to cum in her mouth, telling him that how much she wants, needs and enjoys her son’s cum.
He can’t help himself, so he explodes in mom’s mouth.
Mom shows him the load and swallows. She continues to suck his dick clean when another knock comes from the door.
Son hides, mom wipes her mouth, turns off the water and leaves the bathroom.

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