Rachel Steele in Taboo Tales, Taking Son’s Virginity!

Rachel Steele was a successful attorney and devoted single mother. Recently her son Brad had been accepted into a prestigious, far-off college. Rachel was very proud of him, and provided him with all the support and encouragement she could. Less than a week before Brad’s departure, however, she came home early from the office to find him sad and withdrawn. He had just talked on the phone with his girlfriend Sarah. The two of them had planned to attend the same college so that they could remain together. Unfortunately, Sarah’s own application got rejected. Seeing no future in a long-distance relationship, she had called Brad up and coldly dumped him. Rachel was deeply sorry for her son. She gave him some words of advice and a long, loving hug, then reluctantly left him to his thoughts. Early next morning she came down in her cleavage-baring nightie and discovered him sat in the poolroom with a glass of scotch in hand. Brad had stayed up all night, drowning his sorrows in drink. Deeply concerned, Rachel had a heart-to-heart talk with him. Brad opened up to his mother – telling her how he and Sarah had been saving themselves for each other, and confessing the inadequacy he felt at being a virgin. Rachel was full of sympathy. After convincing Brad to go to bed and get some rest, she watched him rise and retire. Her heart ached at the sight of his dejected figure mounting the stairs. Later, at the office, Rachel struggled to concentrate on her work. All she could think about was the suffering of her unhappy son. Eventually she cancelled all her appointments and went back home to see how he was doing. Brad lay asleep on the couch in just his boxers. Rachel crept over and looked upon him tenderly. She was filled with sadness, and wished there was something she could do to lift him out of his depression. She then pulled herself away and headed up to her room. She stopped on the balcony and gazed down – taking another long and thoughtful look at Brad. In her room, as she paced back and forth, a plan began to form in her mind. At first it seemed outrageous to Rachel in its forbidden nature. But there was something deeper to it that felt very right to her. She saw that it would really be an act of the greatest love and kindness – an act that would make her darling son happy again. Suddenly determined to go through with it, she called out for Brad to come and join her in her room. A few moments later Brad was at her side. Rachel immediately led him over to her bed and sat him down. Since he was due to leave the next day, she could not afford to waste time beating around the bush. Instead she boldly laid out the situation: that she loved him dearly; that she wanted him to be happy; and that she was going to show him the ways of sex to help him forget Sarah and to overcome his hang-ups about being a virgin. Brad grew excited. His mother looked irresistible to him right then – so elegant and sexual in her trim black dress and with her chestnut hair piled high. The idea of being with her instantly revitalized his flagging spirits. Rachel began their special liaison by inviting her son to unzip the back of her dress. Once it had fallen to the floor, she turned and presented him with the view of her delicious, big-titted, lingerie-clad figure. She was a million times more woman than Sarah. There was no awkwardness between mother and son as they closed for an intense, taboo french-kiss. This was followed by Rachel pulling down her bra cups – allowing Brad to suckle on her long nipples while he enjoyed fondling and playing with her lovely tits. Shortly after, Rachel got Brad to strip naked so that she could kneel before him and give him his first ever blowjob. The young man groaned at the exquisite working of his mother’s mouth up and down his shaft. It was something he never could have gotten from Sarah. Rachel’s lips clung tightly around his girth and slid over it with crazing sensuality. The seemingly straight-laced attorney sucked off her son for a long time, often taking him throat-deep in eagerness to enjoy every inch of his cock. Following another spell of passionate kissing on the bed, Rachel climbed on top of Brad and fed his forbidden man-meat into her sopping pussy. Both she and her son moaned in delight as she braced her legs and eased her body up and down – gracefully impaling herself on him again and again. After thoroughly getting off in this position, the horny mother got to her hands and knees and invited her son to mount her from behind. Brad gladly obliged. Proving himself a natural in the art of fucking, he made Rachel gasp with delight from the deep, smooth pistoning of his lust-swollen cock. The pleasure was so great that Rachel could barely keep control of herself. Her pinned-back hair fell loose and hung with loose and wanton abandon. Never had she experienced a better cock – or a more lovely fuck – than that provided by her own novice son. Greedy for more of him, she rolled on to her back and parted her legs as wide as she could so that he could drill her deliciously deep in the missionary style. After one more furious, bed-shaking mother-son fuck, Brad pulled out his cock in readiness to blow his load. Rachel brought her face close and eagerly took every blast of her son’s creamy white cum into her mouth and over her tongue. It was the perfect ending to their tryst. In time the loving mother’s plan paid off perfectly. Brad recovered his confidence and happiness, and ended up doing brilliantly at college. Meanwhile, Rachel was left with a glorious hot fuck to remember him by.

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