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Leena was never satisfied with her status in life. So she engaged in an affair with a rich investment banker, seduced him to marry her after she divorced her first husband. With financial backing for her new man, she railroaded her previous husband during the divorce proceedings. Receiving a bulk of their possessions in addition to full custody of their son. Due to the stress of the divorce and his pre-existing health problems, the dad died shortly after. The son’s hatred for his mum’s and his step dad’s part in his dad’s made him obsessed and somewhat unstable when it came to his thoughts about his current parents. He bottled up his hate for both his current parents for a decade, putting up a front, biding his time, while he secretly dug up dirt on both of them; trying to devise a way to get back at them. He hired multiple PIs during the years to investigate his parents, especially targeting his stepdad to find if he was involved in white collar crime. The investigations didn’t pan out on his stepdad, but revealed two key things about himself and his mum. Firstly, his dad had a trust-fund set up in his name before his for a good amount of money, which could be claimed after the age of 18, thus he could claim it at any moment. The lawyers had contacted him before, but his mum being his guardian and proxy, got the news and kept it to herself all these years. Secondly, his mum had been in many affair with other men during the last couple years. Using these two circumstances he devised a way to finally get back at his mum, and indirectly, at his stepdad.

Leena walks in the living room wearing a nice tight dress. Son asks what she’s up to, and she states that she’s going out with her friends to blow off some steam. The son knows that for the last couple years, this was her cover to engage in affairs.
The son stands up and goes to the table and opens some documents with photos, and tells his mum “before you head out, I think you might want to take a look at these first.”
Leena walks towards the table asking “what is it?” As she looks through the picture and documents, she realizes these are pictures of her affairs, the trust fund papers she had kept her son in the dark for all these years, in addition to her prenupt that states she gets nothing if she has an affair. She goes white as she gasps and covers her mouth in surprise.
“He is the deal mum. You’re no longer “going out” with your friends” the son tells his surprised mum.
Leena meekly nods in acknowledgement as her mind is swimming with thought. The son takes out his cock and approaches his mum who’s still staring at the pictures and papers. “Well, as far as your husband knows, you are of course. But during those times, you’ll be doing this” states her son.

He starts groping her body (tits, ass, etc.) from behind. His mum freezes and asks “what are you doing?!” To that the son replies “Treating you like the whore you are” While groping he undresses his mum, and starts to stroke and finger mum’s pussy.
Mum pleads saying that this is wrong. The son replies by saying, “Compare to what you did to dad, this is not even close to being wrong” He then makes her kneel and puts his cock into her face stating “Now suck my cock like your life depended on it, because it does” She stops objecting and starts sucking her son’s cock. The son tells his mum “Didn’t I mention that your life depended on it? I know you can suck better than this!” The mum starts to suck his son’s cock more vigorously. “Tell me how much you want your son’s cock” demands the son, in which mum meekly replies “I love my son’s cock” “keep talking dirty” demands the son, in which the mum meekly replies along the lines of how she wants and needs her son’s cock. The son then gets her standing up, bends her over the table and slaps her ass several times. “Tell me how much you want your son’s cock inside your pussy” demands the son.
The mum objects weakly saying “No, no, you can’t do this…” Regardless of his mum’s objections, the son sticks his cock deep inside mum. He once again demands her to dirty talk about how she loves her son’s cock inside her and from now on, that he owns her pussy,
and she’ll only fuck him. He tells her that his going to fuck her where ever and whenever he wants, unless she doesn’t care for him to tell her husband about her affairs. After various positions of fucking and dirty talk, he demands her to tell him how much she wants his cum. She begs to taste his cum, so the son explodes in her mouth. He asks to see the cum. She shows her mouth full of cum, where her son demands her to swallows, and she does. She tries to back off from his cock, but the son insists that she continues to suck him off. He tells her “You don’t stop until I say so” She continues to suck his cock…

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