I Blackmailed My Sister HD

Eric found his little sister Solei’s birth-control pills! He’s not quite sure what to do with them but as he sits there, waiting for Solei to get home from school, he has an idea. Eric has noticed that his baby sister has starting to “fill out” and can’t help but be attracted to her. He knows that Solei will be in huge trouble with their mom if she finds out that she’s on the pill. When she arrives, Solei is horrified to find that her big brother holding the pills and begs him not to rat her out. It’s at this point that Eric decides to blackmail his slutty little sis. Unless she agrees to fuck him, Solei is in a world of trouble. She’s in a tough spot and reluctantly agrees to Eric’s sick plan. Disgusted, she begins to remove her clothes. Eric makes the brat suck his cock until it’s rock hard and then slips into her tight, shaved cunt. Solei fights back tears and begs Eric to hurry up and get it over with. She lies there and takes the pounding until her twisted brother fills her young pussy with cum.

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