Rachel Steele in Family Game Night

Rachel was married to Joe.The couple had a daughter named Misty. One day Rachel’s sister, Dallas, came to visit. With her was her son, Aaron. In the evening, the family gathered in the living room and played an unusual board game that Rachel had recently bought from an estate sale. Legend had it that the house where the game came from was haunted by the spirit of its previous tenants: a family of which all the members had mysteriously committed suicide.They all became increasingly involved in it, the game was having an effect on them and they ended up playing long past midnight. Afterwards, tired but happy, they went to their rooms and to bed. None of them had any idea that their unusual board game was really a piece of occult equipment. By meddling with it, they had unknowingly awoken the latent dark forces of the game. While lying in the depths of sleep, they each underwent a subtle perversion of the mind and soul. The first to show the effects of this change were Rachel and Misty. It was the morning after, and mother and daughter were alone in the kitchen. Having greeted each other and talked about some weird dreams they had had, they suddenly experienced an irresistible urge to make out. Their state of possession was such that neither of them felt any guilt about it. After mother and daughter had shared a long, wet French kiss, Misty took off her top to expose pert tits. Rachel spent some time sucking on them, then pulled Misty’s panties down and got her to sit on the kitchen table with her legs parted. A moment later she was knelt lapping hungrily at her daughter’s naked pussy, making her moan with pleasure. The pair were totally immersed in each other – utterly unconcerned about any of the other family members coming down and catching them. Indeed, their passion only increased. Rachel pulled her big tits out of her sexy nightie and invited Misty to suckle on them. The young woman did so. The mother then resumed licking and probing her daughter’s pussy more fervently than ever. Misty, laying on the table, writhed, arched her back, went crazy from the electric sensation’s of her mother’s tongue. Later, they switched roles. Rachel sat on the kitchen counter, lifted her nightie, and presented her pantiless pussy to her daughter. Misty went to work on it like a milk-thirsty kitten. She crouched and eagerly lapped every inch of her mother’s forbidden zone. When the taboo lovers had gotten their fill of pleasure, they finished up kissing and caressing once more. The next pair to misbehave were Dallas and her son, Aaron. One moment they were innocently playing a game of pool; the next, they were enjoying a long, open-mouthed kiss. From here, things moved rapidly. Dallas dropped to her knees, pulled her son’s cock unhesitatingly from his pants, wrapped her lips tight around it, and sucked him off with unbridled passion. The mother then stripped naked, lay back on the floor, and opened her legs so that her son could go to work on her pussy and repay the favor she had done him. The young man licked her long, deep, lovingly and expertly. Dallas constantly moaned and pushed her big tits in arousal. At last, with the son as hard as can be and the mother as wet as can be, they got on and fucked over the table. It was an intense spectacle. Aaron pumped his mother hard from behind, making her moan louder than ever, driving her to the point of taking dirty. She sure let him know what a good son he was. Aaron finished up by giving her his own kind of compliment: a blast of his hot cum in her hot, clenching pussy. While Aaron was busy fucking his mother downstairs there was a father and daughter encounter between Joe and Misty upstairs. It began with Joe in the shower, soaping up his cock while Misty sat watching him and rubbing her pussy through her panties. Since the incident with her mother, she was almost permanently horny. Unwilling and unable to stay back any longer, she frantically stripped off and joined her father in the stall. Joe showed no surprise or anger at Misty’s sudden arrival. Instead, he stooped and kissed, sucked upon, and fondled her tits while she stroked his cock. Following this, her father having lathered her body all over, Misty gave him a loving blowjob. Joe then sat his daughter back on a ledge in the stall and proceeded to drive her wild with some expert licking and finger-fucking of her pussy. After this foreplay, father and daughter fucked standing up – Joe reaching round his daughter’s front to frig her clit and squeeze her tits even while his cock drilled deep into her. Misty loved every moment of her fucking. She praised her father and talked dirty to him on many occasions. At last, with his daughter riding up and down on his lap, Joe unleashed his load. Misty was thrilled to take it all in her pussy. It may have been a deeply taboo moment between father and daughter, but neither of them showed an concern. Misty was a picture of guiltlessness as she stepped happily and lightly out of the shower stall. The fourth forbidden coupling of the day took place in Rachel’s bedroom. She was in there trying out some clothes in front of her sister, Dallas. Moments after revealing herself in some sexy lingerie, she was possessed with horniness. In no time at all she and Dallas were kissing hotly and rolling around on the bed. This led to Rachel stripping Dallas naked and laying her out with her legs parted so that she could give her pussy a good licking. There was plenty of kissing, caressing, writhing and moaning for a long time as the sister’s tended their mutual needs. Then, into this intense scene, there came Aaron. He took one look at his mother and his aunt enjoying their taboo make-out session, and quickly joined them. A torrid threesome ensued. He French kissed with the two women, then had his cock jerked and sucked by both of them in turn. Rachel then sat aside and played with herself for a while – thrilling at the sight of a mother plunging her mouth up and down her own son’s cock. She then straddled Aaron’s face and let him eat her out. The young man was in heaven: his mother was giving him incredible head, and his buxom brunette aunt was giving him her sweet pussy to lick. The threesome finished with Aaron switching his pussy-licking attentions to his mother while his aunt took over in the cock-sucking department. It was a happy conclusion for the three of them. The final outbreak of family fucking was the biggest and wildest event of all. It began in the living-room in the evening. No sooner had the five relatives gathered together than they all succumbed to the now familiar rush of mysterious, forbidden passion. The sexual activity was almost mind-boggling: Misty sucked off her cousin, Aaron. Dallas sucked off her brother-in-law, Joe. Aaron kissed his aunt, Rachel, and fondled her tits. Rachel then sucked her husband’s cock alongside Dallas. This moved on to the sister’s kissing, then getting into the sixty-nine position to lick each other’s pussies. Nearby, Aaron started fucking his cousin missionary style. With his mother’s face so close, he was able to French-kiss her at the same time. There was then a big change up. Joe ate Dallas’s pussy while his daughter came over and sucked his cock. Rachel added to the chain by playing with Misty’s pussy, and Aaron completed it – fucking Rachel from behind, on her hands and knees. Brother-in-law pleased sister in law; daughter pleased father; mother pleased daughter; and nephew pleased aunt. The room was filled with loud moans and the dirty-talk of family members encouraging each other in their fucking. Soon, Joe moved on to fucking Dallas on her back. Misty got involved, too. She straddled Dallas’ face and got her pussy licked. Meanwhile, Aaron was fucked his horny aunt. He took her in the reverse cowgirl and missionary positions. Rachel made plenty of horny noise with her legs pushed far back and her nephew’s cock thrusting deep into her pussy. The next big move-around saw Dallas and Misty get in to a sixty-nine. As Misty was on top, she was at just the right height for her father to move in and fuck her from behind. Aaron stood on the other side, giving her his cock to suck. All the while, Rachel got involved here and there – spicing things up with her sexy presence. Finally, Aaron knelt between his mother’s leg and gave her one last, tremendous fucking that caused her to moan louder than she’d ever done, and let loose her dirtiest dirty-talk of the day. A few feet away, Rachel was getting fucked in the spoon position by her husband. The ever horny Misty looked on and stroked her pussy excitedly, revelling in the wild, forbidden fuck fest going on all around her. It ended with the three women putting their faces together and taking all they could get from the combined cum-loads of Joe and Aaron. In their altered, corrupted states, they had no idea, nor even cared, how depraved they looked. Thick white ribbons of cum from their own male family members coated their faces and showed in their open, smiling mouths. The dark forces in the house, unlocked by the strange board game, had possessed the five relatives completely – and forever.

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