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It’s Mikey’s 18th birthday, and when he walks into the house, to his surprise he finds his mother in the kitchen, awaiting his arrival, holding a gift for her precious son…but Mikey was wanting more than just the gift that she had for him… As long as Mikey could remember, he had been bearing an internal fantasy… With the look of disappointment on Mikey’s face when his mom gave him the gift, it brought concern to her face. Just like any mother Bridgett questioned her son’s sweet disappointing look. Bridgett wasn’t prepared for the kind of response she was walking herself into… her son looked at her and said that what he really wanted for his special birthday was a kiss from his mom, a real kiss, a real adult kiss… with a feeling of shock and surprise and no room to think or comprehend the moment, her son leaned in for the kiss that he has been waiting for all of his life… to her surprise, she caught herself kissing him back! The kisses became longer and deeper until both mother and son felt themselves becoming aroused by the taboo nature of the kisses. Mikey’s cock became ROCK HARD while lost deep into his mother’s kisses… Bridgett felt her son’s hand moving up her inner thigh, then moving up closer to her tight, wet, throbbing pussy. Mikey’s hand reached her pussy…Bridgett froze…she tried to stop herself by pushing him back but as they were both lost in the moment of pure ecstasy she couldn’t help but let her precious son’s fingers explore her dripping pussy. She looked him in the eyes, then led him up to the bedroom, for a “very special” birthday gift from his loving mother. Bridgett laid on the bed, spread her legs wide open, to reveal her sweet hot pussy to her son… Mikey started undressing while watching his mother masturbate right in front of him! His cock was rock hard…Bridgett had to have him…she unzipped his pants, and when his throbbing rock hard cock bounced out and fell right to her lips, she gently sucked his rod in her wet warm mouth until Mikey did what he had always wanted to do…lick and suck his mothers pussy until she orgasmed her woman juices into his mouth…Bridgett climaxed hard with pleasure…the feel of her sons mouth on her pussy, licking her clit and lapping up every drop of his mothers love juices was pure ecstasy! Mikey’s lips were dripping with his mothers cum…his cock was rock hard, and he wanted nothing more than to slip his throbbing rod into her wet pussy. Bridgett wanted to make Mikey’s birthday very special, so she bent over and allowed her son to mount her…Mikey at first savored the feel of his mothers tight wet pussy wrapped around his cock, then he could not contain his taboo desire for his mother… He drilled his cock deep inside her, fucking her harder and faster…Bridgett could not believe she was allowing her son to fuck her! Their mother / son desire exploded, Mikey begged his mother to let him empty his hot wad inside her pussy…she raised her hips to his swollen cock and Mikey gave her what he had always fantasized….his cock exploded his hot wad deep inside his mothers pussy! Bridgett’s pussy was oozing her sons hot creamy cum as she kissed him and told him that he was the fuck of her life! She loved him more than anyone in the world…and meant every word…she knew he would always remember his “very special” 18th birthday.

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