Wenona in Sister Gets What She Wants – FULL (HD)

Back Story: Mom and Sister are at the front door, mom is about to leave for a day of shopping. “Now remember not to wake your brother; he’s been working hard the last few nights and needs his rest.” Says Mom giving daughter a kiss. “Don’t worry mom, he won’t hear a sound.” Smiles daughter; mom nods before telling her good buy and walking out of the house. “Heh, let him sleep, time to wake up big brother and get what I want.” Says sister devilishly before proceeding to his room.

Scene 1: Nasty Morning Suck
Sister quietly opens the door to brother’s room; he is sound asleep and does not hear her approach his bed, pulling back the covers. She lies down on the bed and gently takes his cock into her mouth and begins to suck on it; brother begins to moan and squirm, starting to wake up from his slumber. “Mooooom, not now; we’ll play later.” says brother in a daze. “Mom?!” thunders sister before forcing his cock down her throat, waking him up completely. “Oh GOD……WHAT……OH SUCK IT!” moans brother guiding sister’s head up and down his shaft. Sister jerks and sucks on brother’s cock, making louder and louder slurping noises as she lets the saliva flow down her brother’s cock. “Don’t forget big brother, I get whatever I want and right now, I want your cum!” demands sister as she deep throats brother and continues to jerk his cock. Brother squirms until he cannot stand it anymore and moans loudly, exploding hot cum down sister’s throat; she sucks and jerks his cock for a few more moments before getting up from the bed, giggling. “Get a little more sleep brother; I want much more.” Winks sister before leaving the room; brother smiles as he turns over onto his side and goes back to sleep.

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Scene 2: Your Sister’s Moist Muffin
Mother and sister are sitting on the couch naked; sister thanks mother for introducing her to the “lifestyle” which mom is happy to oblige. Mother begins teasing sister while they talk, gently touching her body; before long, mother asks sister if she’s ever kissed a girl which responds “No” innocently. Mother leans toward sister and begins to kiss her passionately, their tongues dancing upon each other; mom can hear sister’s breathing increase and quicken as she gently rubs her clit, causing sister’s pussy to get wetter and wetter. Sister rubs her breasts as mom continues to rub and finger her clit; overcome with passion, mom and sister begin to kiss again and sister now fingers mother’s hot pussy as mother continues to finger hers. In the mist of their passion, mother reveals to sister that loves to fuck her brother; sister moans at the idea as she thinks her brother is hot and wants to experience both her mother and brother fucking her. Mother calls out for brother, who has just arrived home, to join them in the living room. Brother is shocked a little at first however is quickly turned on at the site of his naked sister and mother, lying next to each other on the couch; in truth, brother has been wanting to experience sister for a while as well! Brother quickly moves in and begins to gently rub sister’s clit before inserting his hard cock into her moist pussy; sister moans as brother begins to fuck her as mom kisses and licks her breasts. Mother continues to grope and kiss both brother and sister before she leaves them to themselves; brother moves and allows sister to climb onto his hard cock and begin grinding against him. The two are locked in the throes of lust for several moments, switching positions; sister rubs her clit until she orgasms. Brother warns her to save some energy for later so that he can recharge.

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Scene 3: A little danger
“Why are we doing this again?” asks brother as he follows sister into their parents’ bathroom. “Because, a little danger is always such a turn on to me; besides, if you don’t, you won’t get what you want.” Smiles sister gently slapping her brother’s face and turning around. “If you insist” says brother taking a pair of panty hose from his pocket and wrapping them around sister’s throat, pulling her close and slowly cutting off her air. Sister’s eyes flutter and she grabs for her throat however she is unalarmed as the struggle is quickly turning her on; she begins to rub her clit and breasts as she reaches behind her and rubs her brother’s cock through his shorts. “Had enough yet, little sister?” hisses brother as he forces her to his knees and pulls his cock, forcing it into her mouth. Sister makes various noises as brother face fucks her before she grabs his cock and begins stroking and sucking it faster and faster. “Fuck me, on the floor; I want to feel your hands around my throat as you fuck your little sister!” demands sister, pushing him away and laying on her back, spreading her legs. Brother strips his clothes and quickly mounts sister in the missionary position; be begins thrusting in and out of her slowly at first then faster and faster. Brother wraps his hands around her throat as his thrusts become faster each moment; sister moans barely through her brother’s strong hands and finally digs her fingernails into his back as he she orgasms, her hot pussy closing tightly on his cock. Brother releases sister’s throat and leverages himself to fuck her harder and harder; Sister wraps her legs around brother, squeezing his cock tighter inside of her. Brother can no longer stand the sensation and moans loudly as he cums deep inside her wet pussy; he thrusts and moans for several moments before collapsing on top of sister; she pulls him close and kisses his head. “See that wasn’t so bad.” Smiles sister. “Now big brother, you’ll get what you’ve always wanted from me and guess what, I want it too!” whispers sister into brother’s ear, causing brother to smile.

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Scene 4: Anal Lust
Brother is lying on his parent’s bed; “Now you’ll see how big my cock really is little sis.” says brother with a smile as he lubes up his cock and slowly guides it into her ass. Sister’s eyes go wide and she grabs the sheets tightly as the entire length of her brother’s cock makes its way into her ass; at first she is whimpering in pain however as brother begins to thrust harder and harder, her whimpering quickly turns into moaning as the anal lust consumes her, causing her to get hotter and hotter. Sister soon cannot help herself and is rubbing her clit and fingering herself as brother continues to thrust in and out of her tight ass. “Harder, harder, fuck my ass harder big brother I’m going to cum!” screams sister, to which her brother is happy to comply. Sister continues rubbing herself until finally she screams loudly with yet another orgasm; her screams cause brother to increase his thrusts. Brother pulls his cock out of Sisters tight ass and lets Wenona clean off every inch with her mouth. Brother then sticks his cock back in and continues to thrust and pull out showing off Wenona’s gaping asshole.

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Brother can no longer stand the sensation and moans loudly as he pulls his cock from sister’s ass and shoots stream after stream of hot cum all in her mouth. Brother catches his breathe as he uses his cock to smear the cum all over sister’s face. “See, I told you I always get what I want.” Smiles sister before turning and giving her brother a kiss. “I’m going take a shower, you better get back to your room in case mom comes home.” Laughs sister walking into their parents’ bathroom and closing the door. “Damn………I don’t know who’s wilder: sis or mom?” laughs brother as he exits the room and takes up his sister’s suggestion.
The End

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