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Gabby wants to watch her favorite TV show, but her little Brother is playing a video game and won’t give up his position. She wrestles for the remote, but that proves a waste of time because her Brother is much faster and stronger than she. She threatens to tell Mom and Dad that he has been secretly peeping in on her while she showers, then she notices his cock is hard and she begins to make fun that he has a hard on over his Sisiter. She becomes a little turned on by this, so she pushes her Brother a little further and begins to take her clothes off, then she makes her Brother feel her tit. Her Brother looks confused and resists her attempt to take his pants off. She then threatens to tell Mom and Dad that HE jerked off in front of her unless he lets her do what she wants to do. I guess she forgot all about her show. She rips her Brothers pants off and is suprised by how big his cock is. She immediately begins to suck on it. She makes fun of him being hot for his Sister as she blows him all the way to orgasm, and he fills her mouth with cum, but fearful of making a mess in the house, she swallows it…. and you can see that she really does. What a great Sister. HD 1280 X 720

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