Taboo Home video – Losing my virginity to my older brother HD

My older brother suprises me after I just get home from school. He walks into my bedroom with his video camera and tells me how much he enjoyed the video that I left for him and that he wants me too!! He thought it would be sexy sequal to the video I made him. Im excited so turned on and nervous at the same time. My brother is going to take my virginity! It doesn’t take me long, since I’ve wanted him forever!! I eargly start sucking his cock, I want to show him how good I am and better than any other girl. Then he puts his hard fat dick into my tight virgin pussy and we fuck. Its amazing!! Just as I imagined. He suggests anal and Im so hot and horny I’ll do anything at this point. He is so gentle and I LOVE IT!! Then I want to ride him, really show him my moves. I want him to only want my pussy. I ride him and have him blow his load into my mouth. I will remember this day forever.

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