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After graduating, young Brittney moves in with her uncle, Dave. Immediately, her uncle sits her down to go over the house rules. He warns her that although she might hear and see strange things at night, under no circumstances should she enter the garage. Ever.

Later that night, Brittney’s curiosity quickly overwhelms her and she sneaks into the garage to see what all the fuss was about. To her infinite surprise, she discovers her uncle pounding the shit out of a young girl. Shamefully aroused, Brit retreats back to the kitchen.
After witnessing her uncle mid-fuck, Brittney finds herself incredibly attracted to her uncle. She fantasizes about being one of his young whores, tied up in the garage. It soon becomes too much to handle and she decides to take action. Brit waits until he falls asleep and crawls into bed with her uncle Dave. She sucks him awake and straddles his hard cock before he can protest. She rides him hard until he flips her on to her back and pumps a load deep into his young niece’s womb.

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Afterwards, Brit shyly admits that she wants to be tied up and fucked in the garage just like one of Uncle Dave’s young neighbourhood sluts. He obliges happily and before she knows what happened, Brit is blind-folded and hand-cuffed to a table in her uncle’s dirty garage. He nails her in missionary for a bit so he can tickle her cute feet. Dave then flips her over and roughly fucks his shackled niece doggystyle. However, Brit quickly tires of this and asks her dirty old uncle to fuck her tight little asshole. Just as he’s about to cum, Dave thrusts into Brittney’s ass one last time and coats her insides with thick, hot uncle-cum.

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A few months later, Brit is now pregnant with her uncle’s baby and still acting as Dave’s willing sex slave. As usual, her uncle comes home and she begs him for cock like a good little slut. He has her get on her knees and suck his cock a bit before bending her over the counter. He pounds his pregnant niece’s pussy hard and fast like the sex-doll she is until he dumps a huge load on her ass.
Her parents would be devastated if they knew the truth…

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