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I was spying on my son today while he was masterbating. I was peeking around the corner watching him and getting so aroused. His dick was out of his pants and he was slowly stroking it. He was in his father’s office looking at naked photos on the computer. I walked in and said “Hello honey what are you doing?” He quickly put his shirt over his dick to cover it and said, “Nothing”. I could tell he was uncomfortable. I then say with a smile “were you touching yourself?” He gives me an embarrassed “yes” and I tell him “it’s okay honey. You don’t have to be embarrassed in front of mommy. It’s okay. I’ve seen you do that before in your bedroom. I like watching you. Does it feel good?” You say “yes”. I then pulled out lube out of the drawer and ask him if he wants mommy to make him feel good and he says “yes mommy”. I then pull his shirt up and put his dick in my hand and squirt some lube on it. I assure him it’s okay if mommy touches him. “I know how to make you feel good.” I then keep talking to him while I stroke his dick and also start giving him a blow job. I let him touch me and we end up on the carpet where I straddle his legs and he fingers me while I make him cum.

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