Mom Lends a Hand – Total (HD)

Scene One: Mom Helps with Masturbation
Son has broken both of his hands in a motorcycle accident (hands are bandaged) and the doctor has instructed that the mom help him out while his hands are healing. The son is embarrassed when he needs help…
In a dark room mom peaks in and sees her son looking at porn on the computer. She feels bad that he can’t masturbate so she sneaks in and starts to do it for him. She tells him to keep watching the computer screen as she sucks his cock. The moans from the computer screen match the moans from his mother as she makes him cum all in her mouth.

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Scene Two: Mom Helps as Surrogate Girlfriend
Son comes back from a bad date. His girlfriend broke up with him because he could not touch her. He sits on the couch and has his mom turn the tv on for him. She runs upstairs gets changed into a sexy cocktail dress and asks if he would go out with her. She kisses him passionately takes off his pants and lovingly fucks him. She asks if she is better than his girlfriend, and tells him that she will fuck him every night until he gets better. “Only Mommy can fuck you like this” she says. She tells him to cum inside of her, to cum inside his mother. He cums hard inside her and she tells her son she will help him get ready for bed.

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