Rubbing One Off On Mom

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As a good mother, I always make sure my son has a nice wholesome meal before heading off for the day. He is such a good boy, waiting patiently for me at the table while I prepare his oatmeal. This morning however, while moving around the kitchen my robe kept slipping open. I kept trying to tie it back but it kept slipping again and again. I could feel my son’s eyes on me catching glimpses of my breasts. I carried on though and sat down with him to eat. He watched in hopes that my robe would slip again. I let it slip. After breakfast I began doing the dishes. My son asked if I needed help. He snuck up behind me and I could feel his hard cock. He started to slowly grind himself on me and told me how much he wanted me, how much he needed me. He pulled my robe down and began fondling my breasts. He then pulled my robe to the side and began Rubbing his cock on my ass. I could feel his precum ooze all over me. He begged me to just let him do this, just let him rub his cock on me. He moaned with pleasure as did I. He bent me down on the kitchen table and explored my body while continuing to grind his pole on my ass. He said he knew I wanted him. I did. He came all over me and then left for school.

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