Mother gives into Temptation HD

Mother sits alone, drinking her wine. Sadness overcomes her, as her husband once again has to work late. It it the excuse that is becoming more and more common place and is beginning to raise her suspicions of infidelity.

Her son walks in and sees her crying. “What’s wrong?” the young man asks, knowing his father is to blame. “Oh, your father had to work late again..” Mother responds, taking another drink of wine. The conversation continues, and her son leverages himself into a better position to take advantage of the situation.

With a goodnight kiss, the moment becomes tense. Mother knows she is vulnerable and this is all wrong, but she also feels a warmth inside she has not felt in a long time. “I am just going to go to bed, you can go finish your homework and we can just put this day behind us”. Mother retreats to her bedroom alone.

Later that night, her Son knocks on the door looking for help with his homework. She guides him through the algebra problem until he comprehends it. When he puts the book down, his hands are free to lightly caress his mother.

“Stop that now” Mother protests, but her defenses are waning. With every slow, seductive move her son makes, she comes closer and closer to the breaking point.

Soon they are swept away in forbidden passion and have set aside family relations and now are embracing the taboo lovers role! It has been so long since she has felt this passionate of an embrace. Lost in the moment, she takes her son’s member in her mouth and sucks on it until it is so large and inviting she has to feel the forbidden fruit inside her! Her son thrusts in his mother until he looses control and spills his semen all over her.

Quietly they embrace in a post-lover’s bliss. They know that they have started something that will soon be out of control!

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