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Before She was Slave Ginger

She walks into the bedroom, calls him “daddy” (though I’d guess it’s her boyfriend in real life), blows him briefly, then gets fucked doggystyle briefly ending in a creampie that you don’t get to see. Then it cuts to another blowjob, followed by another doggystyle fuck ending in another creampie that you don’t get to see. Then a third blowjob that ends abruptly as it cuts to a third doggystyle fuck in a shower stall with a third unseen creampie.

Slave Ginger Beyond Fatigued

She’s sitting on a bed, exhausted, begging to be allowed to sleep because the cameraman has kept her awake for three days. She barters nudity and sex acts for 5-10 second bits of sleep, first masturbation, then a blowjob with cum swallow.

Slave Ginger Fucks for a Cigarette

She walks in and asks for a cigarette. He says “you know what you have to do”, then she starts stripping, then sucks his cock, then gets on all fours to get fucked, then reverse cowgirl on his lap on the couch, and finally pronebone on the floor before busting a nut inside her (again, can’t see the creampie).

Then she smokes a cig, gets dressed, and leaves. (Shoulda came to me, I’d give her two cigs for a fuck.)

Slave Ginger Just Wants to Sleep

Like “Beyond Fatigued”, but now she’s been up four days and is sitting clothed in the shower stall. Eventually gets fucked doggystyle with yet another unseen creampie.

Slave Ginger Shared With Neighbor

Cameraman (who refers to himself as Ginger’s father, and whom Ginger calls “daddy”) brings his neighbor Steve over to “give him a taste”. He tells Steve she’s 18. She’s submissive and obedient when her daddy tells her to take her clothes off and let Steve do whatever he wants to her, which is to feel her up and then fuck her hard doggystyle on the couch ending in yet another unseen creampie.

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