Brother Has Taboo Sex With Little Sister in Spoon Position…

…and Gives Her a Facial as She Tries to Ignore Him and Study HD

A smoking hot blonde is laying on her bed and studying for her upcoming college exam. In walks her older brother who goes right over to her to show off his boner. She looks disgusted and tells him to leave, but he gets on the bed with her.

He immediately starts to pull at her sweatpants and she tries to say no but he is insisting on some taboo sex. So, she decides to ignore it the best she can and get on with her studying knowing he will leave as soon as he gets off as he always does.

He gets in behind her in the spoon position and starts to fuck her hard. He varies his thrusting speed and even does some taboo titty squeezing on his little sister. She talks to him a little, but continues to do her best to ignore him.

As she is getting aggravated she calls her mom and tries to tell on her brother. Their mom walks in and doesn’t seem to care that the two are fucking and instead offers them some food. The sister is frustrated, but gets back to her studies.

Finally it looks like her brother is ready to finish, but he is not planning on letting her get back to her studies so easily. He pulls out of her tight pussy and straddles her face and delivers a huge cumshot all over her face. He then leaves and the facial is simply dripping down her face.

She yells to her mom that her brother just gave her a facial and that it is gross, but again no sympathy from mom. The frustrated little sister then decides to do her best and just get back to getting ready for her exam.

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