New Neighbor Wrecks You in the Foyer HD

You’re enjoying a few peaceful moments home alone, when there’s a knock at the front door. When you open it, a woman you’ve never seen before invites herself in; she doesn’t look like anyone you’ve ever seen in Steppeford before – certainly none of your wife’s friends wear skintight leopard pencil skirts with their breasts straining against what appears to be a negligee…you’re momentarily distracted by her figure while she explains that she’s your new neighbor and came by to introduce herself.

You’re not sure what to make of this sexy, forward woman; all the wives in Steppeford are conservative, dutiful wives. They all have blonde ponytails and they all drive minivans – this woman is NOT like your wife. She’s…well, standing there in front of you in your foyer…flirting with you! Rubbing her hands against her thighs, standing a bit too close, asking you all kinds of embarrassing personal questions about your marital relations…

Before you know it, this woman, this…new neighbor lady…is down on her knees in front of you, with her skirt pulled up and her finger buried in her pussy, telling you how badly she wants to suck your cock.

Your wife won’t even say the word cock, and you feel yours swelling in spite of yourself. She’s not going to give up until you give her what she wants – your dick – and she tells you that if you don’t, she’ll simply tell your little ponytail wifey that she stopped by and fingered herself in your foyer…how do you think little wifey will feel about that?

The truth is you’d have probably done it anyway – it’s been so long since your wife gave you a blowjob, and your dick is straining against your pants…it’s going to happen…You’re going to wreck your marriage, right here in your own foyer, and cum all over your new neighbor’s face.

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