Natalie Wonder – Mommy Tends To All Her Injured Boy’s Needs HD

Mommy’s poor son has gotten hurt playing baseball. He asked to come stay with her for a few days while he recovers. His loving mom will tend to all his needs. Son lays on the living room couch while mom goes to get his ice pack. It needs to be applied to his groin area. He also took some pain medication & is beginning to feel the effects of it. For some reason pain meds always make him very horny. He feels his dick getting hard. Uh oh, he’s going to have to explain this to his mom. Mommy comes back with the ice & sits right next to her boy. She feels terrible that he’s hurt like this.

Sweetie how are you feeling? I hate seeing my poor boy in pain like this. Are the meds kicking in? You look more relaxed. You want me to put the ice pack on? Okay. What? What’s that? The medication is giving you an erection? That’s alright. As long as your pain is gone. Let mommy lift this blanket now so I can apply the ice. OH! Wow. I wasn’t expecting such a huge erection. You have a very big penis.

Mom tries to focus & continues to apply the ice pack but her son’s penis is so huge. Her son asks if dad has a big penis too. It’s not as big as her son’s. Mommy can’t help but stare at her son’s big hard dick. She feels mixed emotions as warmth comes over her body. She tries to shake it off but feels herself getting anxious & horny at the same time. Mommy tells her son this is not appropriate. Mom tries so hard to fight the inevitable. Her son starts saying things he shouldn’t say to his own mother. Mom realizes it’s because of the pain medication. He wants mommy to touch his throbbing dick. He’s so horny & mommy always knows how to make her boy feel better. This injury is about to open up a whole new type of relationship for mommy & her boy.

Virtual sex scene featuring Natalie Wonder as your mother. Featuring her slowly seducing you, giving you a virtual handjob and blowjob and then getting on top of you and fucking you until you cum.

720p, 18 min

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