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Wet Pussy And Daddy’s Cock HD

Dear Diary: Mommy left her vibrator out and I just had to try it. It looked so big and I was just so horny! A thrill ran through my arm and straight to my pussy when I turned it on, the powerful vibrations already making me wet. When I finally pressed it against my naughty bits, it felt like an electric shock ran through me. And that was just through my cut-offs. Shimmying out of them, I couldn’t believe how wet and sticky it had gotten between my legs. It feels so good when I fiddle with my little pussy, but this was a hundred times better! But that’s when daddy caught me. I know I was being bad, but I found out that sometimes daddy likes it when I’m bad. I could see the bulge in his pants from watching me get off, so I looked up at him, making my eyes big like when I want boys to do things for me, and asked if he wanted me to suck on his daddy cock. I know that it’s bad to use words like that, but daddy likes that, too. I love the feel of daddy’s hard cock, so stiff, yet the skin is so soft! And the masculine smell to it? So good, not like the tiny boys at school. The best part was using mommy’s toy between my legs, while taking daddy’s man part in my mouth. Yum! I guess I did a good job, because he picked me up, right off the couch (daddy’s so strong!) and bent me over the back. He shoved his pee-pee in me from behind, just like I’ve seen him do with mommy, when they didn’t know I was looking. It was so big! It felt like he was stretching me out from the inside. I don’t know how mommy does it, but now I know why she makes those mommy noises. I couldn’t stop cumming. It’s sooo much better than my fingers. He pulled my ponytails, threw my tiny body around and treated me like a mommy. I then felt his thingy grow really big inside me and he growled and I felt my insides get even hotter. I think a lot of daddy cream came out of him, while he was deep inside me. He says I’m tighter than mommy, so I can’t wait to do this again.

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Show Me Daddy HD

Norah wants daddy to show her a story, like he used to when mom wasn’t around. She’s so cute and adorable, how could he say no? He knows exactly what she wants when she rubs her tiny hand over the growing bulge in his pants. He whips off her pretty, flowered dress, revealing her tight, youthful body, bends her over and buries his face in the sweetest, little pussy you’ve ever seen. She gasps as her daddy’s tongue sends shivers through her, her long, pigtails shaking along with the rest of her body. She so small and tight, he can barely fit inside her, but they work at it with enthusiasm, plowing his baby girl with his thick shaft. She can’t stop moaning, crying out from the brutal fucking she receives from the man of the house. Those gymnastics classes she took really pay off, as he twists and turns her to his whim, spreading her legs wide, almost putting them behind her head. After screaming from her countless orgasms, daddy finally grunts, gripping her young petite body, and empties his balls deep inside her once innocent love tunnel. Now that’s a bedtime story with a happy ending.

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Category: TABOO
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