Mother and Aunt: Cory Chase and Aaliyah Taylor in The Escort HD 1080p

Scene One: Don’t fuck family

“What are you doing ordering escorts!” Cory yells at her nephew. Her and her sister Aaliyah have been making a lot of money as 2 for one sex team. What they didn’t expect was their own family to use their services, it’s just wrong. But if he cancels his order they will never get another job again. There has to be a way to fix this. “We don’t fuck family” Aaliyah yells.

“It’s fine” Cory says convincing Aaliyah that it’s what they have to do. Aaliyah finds her sister deep throating her son’s big cock and asking her to join in. “Just a handjob” Aaliyah says. But as she strokes his cock she becomes more and more turned on by how naughty it is. Aaliyah sucks his big cock and guides it into her sister’s pussy. Losing herself Aaliyah thinks it might not be that bad to fuck her own son. It’s not like she has a choice. She rides him and explodes in forbidden pleasure.

Scene Two: Two for one sisters

They switch, Cory getting on top of him and riding him like he’s never been ridden before. He takes turns fucking each one of the beautiful women. They are perfect big breasted milf sisters. He drills Cory while she eats out Aaliyah and it’s so hot. “Oh it feels so good” Aaliyah moans, creaming all over her son.

They lay side by side, legs spread like whores for him. They are so horny that he could do anything to them and they would love it. “Fuck your son’s dick deep in that ass” Cory says, guiding him into Aaliyah’s tight little ass hole. “Oh you naughty little boy. Oh it’s so tight.” Aaliyah screams in pleasure. “Fucking make her cum” Cory yells at him and Aaliyah screams and orgasms harder than ever before as he cums inside his mom’s pussy.

Both women look at each other. They forgot the condom. “You may have gotten your mom pregnant” Cory tells him. But they don’t care, it was just so hot.

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