Mom’s Secret Job – Lanie Love HD

Omg honey! I didn’t know you were coming home, I didn’t want you to see me like this. Ah, I’m embarrassed… Please don’t tell your father I’m doing this. It’s just that my 9 to 5 job is so boring and I wanted to live a little. Now I get to be able to model online and make way more money except now I’m happy! Your father just thinks I’m selling my old stuff online, if he found out, he’d be so angry with me. I know you’re my son and we’ve always been close, so just keep this between us, okay honey?

Excuse me young man, that is no way to talk to your mother! Just because I’m wearing this doesn’t mean I’m just any normal girl, I am your mother and you need to turn that off. You simply cannot be turned on by looking at your mother in her fetish wear. Excuse me? Are you blackmailing me? I’m sorry honey, your dad is just going to have to find out, I could NEVER have sex with my son. Get out right now…

On second thought, honey, I really can’t have your dad know about this. Come here to Mommy and I’ll take care of you. JUST this once though! And you can’t let this ruin our relationship, okay honey? Mmm, wow such a nice cock, just like your dad. I was just going to give you a blow job, but your dick has me so wet, son, come here and fill Mommy’s pussy up.

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