[SCPX-218] When My Aunt Who Came To Stay In My Room Slept It Turned Out To Be Naked!I Have Been Asking For My Nephew Chi-Po Fiercely Since I Should Go 僕の部屋に泊まりにきた叔母さんが寝るときは裸族だったことが判明!


[HBAD-375] The Libido Processing Collected In The Full Tank Is My Sister … I Want To Steal My Mother’s Eyes …満タンに溜まった性欲処理は妹で…母の目を盗んで犯りたい…お年頃の若い躰 北川ゆず


[720p/HD/60FPS] WPE-034 / Erika Mizumoto / Daughter’s Boyfriend’s Fuck Pet

This is a series from WAAP titled “My Lover’s Mother Is my Sexual Slave.” Each title focuses on MILF abuse set in a nondescript hotel room. Ropes, handcuffs, dildos, nipple clamps, dog collars, leashes, deepthroating and vibrators are used over the course of four scenes involving one to three male actors abusing a girlfriend’s mother. This installment features Erika Mizumoto playing the MILF ingénue. We see her with her daughter at the beginning of the movie. The daughter’s boyfriend is taking pictures.

Immature Torture 01 (2:02 ~ 30:00)

Mizumoto is sitting on a sofa, talking on the phone while the actor—her daughter’s boyfriend—is seen in the foreground setting up the camera. She is wearing a short blue skirt with assorted motifs and a matching blue sweater. She looks anxious. The actor asks her to kneel close to the camera. He sticks two or three fingers in her mouth and asks her to turn around so he can tie her wrists with black leather restraints. He then sticks his cock in her mouth and starts deepthroating her, pulling her head from behind with one of his hands. He eventually moves toward the sofa, where he sits as Mizumoto continues to deepthroat him. This goes on for a while, involving various positions until he finally comes in her mouth. The scene ends with Mizumoto lying on the floor, licking cum off the carpet.

Immature Torture 02 (30:01 ~ 1:03:23)

Mizumto is on her hands and knees. The actor pulls a leash tied to her neck. She’s wearing black G-string panties and nipple clamps. They walk around the room for a while and he then throws a bone that she fetches for him. Eventually he sticks his cock in her face and she starts to fellate him. Two more actors join them. The two guys force her to sit on the sofa and then use belts to restrain her legs and thighs. They tease her cunt for a long while using their fingers, two small vibrators, a large pink dildo, and finally a large vibrator. This goes on until she climaxes.

Immature Torture 03 (1:03:24 ~ 1:35:15)

Mizumoto is still on the sofa. The two actors take her restraints off and she is directed toward the bed. She starts to fellate one of the actors. Soon the other actor is fucking her. The two guys take turns abusing her for the next half hour, until they finally come in her. The scene ends with cum dripping from Mizumoto’s cunt.

Immature Torture 04 (1:35:16 ~ 1:59:04)

Mizumoto is wearing a navy schoolgirl sailor uniform. She squats in front of the bed, revealing white G-string underwear. She then teases her cunt with a large black vibrator. The main actor holds a white plastic bag over her face for a while. She eventually climaxes and pisses herself in a small paper bowl set on the floor. She is then forced to drink her piss. The actor then fucks her, assuming various positions, until he comes in her. The scene ends with another creampie.

Credits appear on a black background. The movie ends at 1:59:11.


[720p/HD/60FPS] DDT-529 / Kana Tsuruta / Anal Ban Lifted

This is a Tohjiro/Dogma production that focuses on anal defloration. The actress undergoes extensive anal dildo penetration over two long scenes. The last scene involves anal fucking. This installment features Kana Tsuruta in her first anal movie.

Interview (0:08 ~ 5:47)

The movie begins with an interview. Tsuruta is sitting on a black mattress set on the floor. She’s wearing a white dress. She appears quite relaxed and answers all the questions with fair composure.

Round One (5:48 ~ 47:00)

Tsuruta is sitting on the black mattress. Her thighs are held back by an actor kneeling right behind her. Her dress is lifted, exposing white panties. A second actor starts teasing her anus and pussy, and later her nipples, with his fingers. He exposes her breasts and pulls her nipples. He later uses scissors to cut her panties, exposing her cunt and anus. He uses his tongue and fingers to tease her clit, eventually sticking a finger or two up her ass. He then pushes an egg vibrator deep in her ass. Tsuruta rubs her clit with her fingers as the actor fucks her with a small blue dildo until she climaxes. We then see her kneeling over the actor on the mattress. She fellates him—the vibrator and dildo still in place. The actor then removes the dildo and fucks her from behind, momentarily replacing the egg vibrator still in her ass with a large purple dildo. The fucking continues, assuming various positions, until the actor comes in her mouth. Tsuruta answers a few questions lying on her back.

Round Two (47:01 ~ 1:31:17)

Tsuruta is kneeling on the restraint chair. She’s naked. Her legs and wrists are tied to the chair with ropes. She answers a few questions, her gaze fixed on the camera. An actor then starts to tease her ass and pussy with his fingers, eventually pouring lotion to cover her ass. He focuses on her anus, inserting two or three fingers and then a large anal plug. This is followed by a large dildo pushed in her cunt. She is then subjected to several anal dildos and vibrators. The scene ends with another short interview.

Round Three (1:31:18 ~ 2:13:11)

This is the long one-on-one sex portion of the movie. This time, however, the focus is on Tsuruta’s anus. The foreplay includes anal finger fucking, followed by lots of anal fucking assumed in various positions. The actor finally comes in her mouth about 30 minutes into the scene. There’s another interview with the actress towards the end.

Round Three is followed by credits, and the movie ends at 2:13:31.


[DVDMS-152] Mother Suffering Extravaganza Posted Around Familiar Stroke Photographed A Brush Full Incest 母姦 過激生投稿 日頃から気になって仕方ない母の無防備なブラチラとピタパン尻に童貞息子の欲望が爆発 家族

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