[GVG-470] A Mama Shotacon True Story – Chitose Yurai

The Description translates to this roughly

Chitose Yurai has either separated from her Husband or he is out of town. She Has a son, Misaki, who has a friend, Takehiro. Takehiro can’t stop looking at Chitose’s Big Tits, and being young and impulsive, starts groping her. She humors him at first, but guess what? As it turns out, she likes it! Wow! So then her son’s friend keeps pushing the limits until finally, she fucks him. They fuck a few times. Some one gets cucked in the end kinda, maybe, I don’t know. Here is the actual Japanese description in case anyone want to translate it for better accuracy.

So what we have here in the JAV is your typical MILF senario. She sucks his cock, they fuck in the missionary position, he cums on her tits, there is a creampie at the end, all the usual stuff. There is this part where he gropes her tits for 10min but that makes sense considering the story. the Actress, Chitose Yurai, is technically a BBW, but it isn’t too extreme. I wanted to get a better resolution but, this will have to do for now. Enjoy!


GAOR-114 Sakaegawa Noa ‘s My Girlfriend

She strokes and sucks a dildo, teases with a tiny bikini, bath scene too.

Virtual sex scenes with kissing, blowjob, standing doggy, sideways, titfuck, reverse cowgirl, cowgirl, missionary, ends with “creampie”.

1080p, mp4.


[720p/HD/60FPS] DDT-551 / Chinami Sakura / Big Tits Restraint

This is another typical Tohjiro/Dogma movie shot in three main scenes (or “rounds” in Dogma-speak)—(i) Interview, (ii) Chair-restrained Abuse, and (iii) Missionary-ish Fuck. What distinguishes this particular title from the usual Tohjiro fare is a focus on the actress’s tits during parts of the first round. Chinami Sakura appears in wrists and ankles restraints at the very beginning of Round One. This scene lasts about 45 minutes. Another departure from the usual Tohjiro-Restraint fare is the inclusion of a threesome in Round Three. Indeed, Sakura fucks two guys, with plenty of deepthroating and doggie fucking.

Round One (0:21 ~ 43:56)

This begins with the actress bent over and chained to a black tube structure. We get a really good angle on Sakura’s large breasts. The scene includes three main parts: an interview with the restrained Sakura; a breast-squeezing scene showcasing the actress’s big tits with dildo fucking aimed at her huge ass; and a deepthroat scene. The deepthroat scene is the highlight of round one. It lasts almost 15 minutes and concludes with another short interview with Sakura.

Round Two (43:57 ~ 1:18:27)

This begins with a blindfolded Sakura sitting on a black leather chair with her wide-open legs and thighs tied in ropes, thus exposing her shaving cream-covered vagina. Two men start teasing her ears and breasts. She is then subjected to various clitoris stimulations (fingers, vibrators—the blindfold comes off after the first vibrator segment) and subsequently dildo-fucked until she climaxes. This is followed by another short interview with Sakura.

Round Three (1:18:28 ~ 2:15:34)

This is a threesome fuck scene involving fellatio, deepthroating, doggy- and cowgirl-penetration scenes, eventually leading to oral cumshots and another short interview with Sakura.

The movie ends with credits at 2:15:59.


[720p/HD/60FPS] DDT-517 / Kasumi Kaho / Ban lifting TOHJIRO I feel like going crazy in my head

This is a typical Tohjiro/Dogma production. This installment of the Ban Lifting series features Kasumi Kaho.

Round One (0:11 ~ 41:49)

The movie begins with a twelve-and-a-half-minute interview. Kaho is sitting on a chair. She’s wearing a white and grey knit dress. She’s calm, if somewhat slightly enthusiastic at times, as she answers questions. Around the 13-minute mark her eyes become misty. By the time Tohjiro is done—almost 16 minutes in—the actress is seemingly relieved. The interview segment leads directly into the next scene during which the male actor slaps her face a few times. He exposes her breasts and she’s forced to masturbate still sitting on the interview chair. At this point Kaho is shedding a few tears. This is followed by a twenty-minute deepthroating scene—and more tears towards the end as Kaho swallows the actor’s cum. Round One ends with a short interview.

Round Two (41:50 ~ 1:21:23)

This is the armchair restraint portion of the movie. Kaho’s legs are tied up in a V position for much of the next half-hour. The scene follows a well-beaten path whereby the two—at times three—male actors tease her breasts and vagina before using a series of dildos and vibrators. This goes on for about 40 minutes. An seemingly exhausted Kaho ends the scene answering a few questions.

Round Three (1:21:24 ~ 2:23:12)

This is the long sex scene portion of the movie. The scene starts with an interview. Kaho is wearing a short white satin nightgown. She’s resting on a black mattress. About two minutes in, two actors with hard-ons walk up to her. She fellates them and they eventually stat teasing her breasts and pussy. The foreplay goes on for a few minutes and is followed by two consecutive one-on-one fuck scenes with each of the two actors. There’s yet another interview with Kaho towards the end of the round, which stops on a freezeframe.

Round Three is followed by a two-minute scene where an oiled, naked Kaho moves about with chains around her wrists and ankles. This ends on another freezeframe and is followed by credits. The movie ends at 2:25:44.


[AVOP-358] “Yaki Entrustment Women’s Entrance Shigoki Club” – Female soldiers forced into humiliating exercises and beatings – lots of real tears!

Scene 1:
Resident pervy old japanese man is in a room. A lovely lady in fatigues enters and they have a conversation. Translations welcome – I will provide credits. He has her do a bunch of exercises in front of her and degrades her in japanese, humiliating her and making her cry. She cries and is forced to do exercises as she tears up, eventually being humiliated in outside in the rain.

Scene 2:
We see a weirdly dressed japanese guy and a lovely lady in the a track suit. They’re having a discussion on the roof, overcast sky making things look depressing. She ends up crying as he roughly helps her “stretch”, exposing her pretty white panties. She is forced to do further strang humiliating exercises

Scene 3:
We’re inside now, with the same guy and I think the same woman. She is doing a weird and difficult looking chair exercise and then some other odd stretches and exercises

Scene 4:
Back to the roof and she’s forced to sit in a bucket of water… He adds ice to it and splashes it on her.

Scene 5:
Our guy is now dressed up as a muslim terrorist and is hitting balls at our star with a paddle. She’s in a short skirt and has a bandana around her mouth and sort of awkwardly fends it off. Then he gets out a flail and flogs her a bit before returning to bruising her with the softballs. She ends up on the ground crying and squirming from pain and humiliation. Next he’ll chase her up the stairs, making her frog hop up them and beating her as she inevitably fails.

Scene 6:
We’re in a spooky room as she attempts to climb up a rope, still exhausted in her skirt and uniform. I think this is the same girl but it’s hard to tell. As she fails he’ll like mist her or something? then flog her a bit. Next she climbs up a ladder and grabs onto a hanging bar. She fails and gets misted again or whatever. He’ll tie her up and even drop a sort of bowling ball on her.

Scene 7:
Now she’s cleaning toilets… She is of course forced to lick them clean. Here’s a different

Scene 8:
We see a different girl in a very sexy tank top, shorts, and knee pads. She does some regular old exercises. She gets forced into exercises and then punched. He beats her roughly and she rolls over onto the floor. Next we have more rough stretching that inevitably leads up to groping of her beautiful tits. She ends up blowing him, pretty natural tits out as she whimpers and sucks. Next he’ll pull down her shorts and fuck her on her back. He’ll finish on her tits and she can’t believe what has happened.

Scene 9:
A more mature gorgeous lady is standing in army fatigues. She seems a lot more cheerful. She is forced to do the original exercises, stripped down to her panties, and beaten roughly. Not so cheerful anymore, eh? She gets beaten and roughly stretched, left exhausted and crying on the floor.

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