Kimmy Lee – Under My Spell HD

Kimmy’s brother set her up with a douche bag friend of his. She got back at him by blowing special powder in his face and putting him UNDER HER SPELL.
Kimmy is plssed that the guy her brother set her up with was such a douche bag. “Seriously we hadn’t even got down the street before he started feeling me up” she complains. He brother just chuckles and tells her it isn’t his fault. “You said you were tired of sitting around the house” he laughs. Kimmy goes to her room and gets a special powder she brought back from South America. “Revenge is a bitch little brother” she thinks to herself.

“Calvin could come here please” she asks cheerfully. Her brother walks in looking confused by her change in attitude. “Why aren’t you mad anymore” he questions. She tells him all is forgotten and she even has something for him. Kimmy puts the powder in her palm and blows it towards her brother. Calvin becomes slightly confused and very willing to his sister’s commands.

She helps him strip down and shoves his big cock in her mouth. Kimmy continues to seduce her brother into fucking her. She rides his him, has him pound her doggy and even makes him pile drive her. When Calvin’s ready to cum he sprays stream after stream over his sister’s face. Kimmy opens her cum covered eyes and tells him what a good little brother he is…

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