EN-MUM-161 Watch JAV ENGLISH SUBTITLE – Future Marriage Is Pulled Wife J Students

Translated Description:2030,Latent infectious infertility is prevalent worldwide. The birthing ability of adult women has already shown a crisis decline. Meanwhile, a bill has been passed in Japan to follow the major countries, which greatly reduces the age of marriage. The future of mankind was entrusted to the safe uterus of girls. All men concentrate on making a child everyday with a girl as a wife. (All wife’s slippery genuine creampie)

Abit less confusing version:Starts off wit a young looking lady getting groped and her nipples sucked by an elderly gentleman,followed by a blowjob with his balls being tickled.She fucks
him cowgirl missionary and doggy in various places around the house and to end it he cums inside her pussy.Next scene starts at school with the student in
question being told of,next thing you know shes sucking the teacher and fucking him in the locker room.This movie ends with a gangbang of all the teachers featuring
lots of dildos and wet pussies, they finger each other and get their dicks sucked before them all fucking in a line one next to the other, some end with facials
and the last one ends with a juicy creampie….


WHEN-00001 Baby Play Yu Kawakami


[LOVE-393] Hoshisaki Seira – We Don’t Have Money for Food, That’s Why My Daughter’s So Thin [1080p]

Seira’s parents are broke and they can’t support her anymore. Her father lost all his money gambling and her mother doesn’t seem to have a job. That’s why they decided to sell their daughter as ‘swimsuit model’.
Every scene has Seira wearing a different swimsuit.

1st Scene: banana, dildo, blowjob, cum.in.mouth.
2nd Scene: oil, cunnilingus, fingering, squirting, blowjob, missionary, doggy.style, standing.doggy, creampie.
3rd Scene: piss, blowjob, cum.in.mouth, hitachi.magic.wand, vibrator, masturbation, female.completion.
4th Scene: threesome, mmf, nipple.licking, fingering, rimming, squirting, cunnilingus, blowjob, double.blowjob, missionary, doggy.style, reverse.cowgirl, standing.doggy, spooning, facial.

Beautiful Girl
Small Tits
Featured Actress


[JUY-300] – Tribal Fruits Are Platinum Grade! ! Mr. Kotone Yamagishi, A Professional Housewife Living In Shirogane AV Debut At The Age Of 37 With Cum Descramble

First scene starts with interview then she drop her clothes off and play with herself. After that the guy comes and fondles her big natural breasts.

In second scene guy plays with her big natural tits he play with her nipples, licks them and fingers her pussy.Then she gives him a blowjob and handjob in the end they fucking in various position. (missionary-cowgirl-doggy)

In third scene she wears hot lingerie and gives him a blowjob and titfuck until he cums.

In fourth scene she wears bikini that very tiny for her large breasts she again gives to guy blowjob and titfuck and quicky.

In the last scene two guys play with her with vibrator and they fuck her in various position.


[1080p/FHD] TAMO-006 – Housewife Sex Slave – The MILF Housewife’s A Complete Flesh Toy – Yuka Tachibana H.265

Another #rare movie. Definitely happy with my purchase.

So this obviously has a domestic theme. Yuka is married to her husband, and quite happy with him, it looks like. But one day, an intruder comes into their home and rapes her, missionary, on the couch. It’s not over by a long shot, because he comes back the next day. This time, he forces Yuka to strip naked and masturbate in front of a mirror.

This dynamic carries on for a while, and around the 40 minute mark you can see that Yuka’s resistance is more of a token effort to keep up appearances. She gets dressed into a shibari-like leather strap bondage suit and is gagged while the intruder goes at her with sex toys.

In the final nearly hour-long scene (thank you director-san), she has a collar and leash put on her and acts as the intruder’s pet. After crawling around a bit, picking up toy bones and general humiliation which she happily subjects herself to, there’s more licking, fucking, rimjobs and titfucks. At the end, there is a five minute long segment of behind the scenes photoshoots and outtakes, which is cute, but eh.

My favourite scene is when she gets fucked from behind, facing a mirror. tfw ywn be a cute asian woman getting railed from behind

Shion Fujimoto


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