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Mommy Likes A Load On Her HD

You are coming out of the shower and catch me spying on you. You decided its about time to talk to me about ‘the birds n the bees’. You see I am getting turned on by this conversation and decided to show me……. elements of blowjob, riding me, doggy style and then finishing with a facial

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Mommy Taboo POV

Role Play Blow Jobs Taboo POV Big Boobs

Mummy Drools All Over Her Tits HD

– you are my mom, who caught me masturbating and playing with her panties and dildos – you become very angry and strict with me, you sit on the soffa, you scold me and tell me to show you my cock – you take the panties and dildos from me, and you become aroused by the situation, you tell me to continue jerking off, and you start sucking and gagging on the dildo – you slide your bra/top down, and your panties on the side, you gag on the dildo, spit and droll heavily on your tits and belly, – you fuck yourself with the dildo, spit and drool all over you tits, belly, pussy… (no special ending needed) For me, it is mostly about the angry mommy drooling and spitting on herself.The more thick spit you produce, the better :) And the longer the drooling part is the better :)

Spit Fetish Swallowing / Drooling Taboo Masturbation Big Boobs

Mummy Is Tipsy And Blows You HD

Living room – you are mom, you are sitting on the soffa, sipping white wine and visibly tipsy – you tell me that you are a tired and go to bedroom to take a nap, i stay in the room, watch porn and jerk off – you enter the room again, you see me jerking off, you scold me, you are very angry, you go back to bedroom Bedroom – i go to bedroom and try to appologize, just to see you are lying on bed and masturbating – you are shocked, and tell me to go away, I refuse and I start to jerk off – you tell me to stop, this cant be happening, you sip some more wine and you are more tipsy – I tell you to jerk of my cock, you refuse, but you start to jerk it off anyway and get disgusted and aroused at the same time, – I push my cock in to you mouth, you refuse and say no, you cant, but anyway you start to suck my cock and enjoy it – you gag on my cock in a most sloppy way, you drool all over your tits, you spread the spit all over your face – I cum on your face and you are shocked and disgusted, you play with the cum on you face and tits (spitting) – I finally fuck you in your pussy and come for a second time, leaving you covered in cum (spitting) and disgusted

Blonde Spitting Swallowing / Drooling Taboo Toys

Soccer Mommy Custom

You invite some of the “stars” of the little league or soccer team over for Billy (your son) and a sleepover ensues. You are a super hot mommy and tell me that you can give me a special treat for being Billy’s friend and a star on the team. You also tell me that you can be my mommy for the night and can make me feel really good by milking my cock. You take me into a room and strip , seduce, and tease me in your hot outfit with hot lingerie, all while talking dirty POV style. You say that after we can all get in bed with mommyTtiffany for the night and fall asleep in bed with her cuddling.

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