Naughty Nephews HD

Aunt Rachel had 2 very promiscuous nephews. Her sister had left Rachel in charge while she was away on a business trip. Rachel knew the nephews did not give her the same respect as they did their mom, and she did not really care. Rachel just wanted things to go smooth until her sister returned. Rachel came home and found the boys watching porn, again. This time she heard the woman’s voice calling out her son’s name as she got fucked. Rachel stopped in her tracks and questioned the boys. They giggled and stroked their cocks right in front of Aunt Rachel. Rachel sat down and watched the video to see if it was a mother son sex scene. The boys told her it was hot, and they thought she was hot too. Rachel could not handle this information, she quickly diverted the subject to their sister Brianna. Rachel made a deal with them, she would not tell Stacie about the family porn if the young men would have sex with their sister. Rachel knew this would get them off her case and keep them under control until their mom returned. Brianna was a cute little blonde who also had a huge hormone rage going on. They all lived far away from any social life and relied on each other for entertainment. The boys greeted Brianna and told her about the deal. Brianna was a bit reluctant as they stroked their cocks through their pants and began to slowly pull at her clothes. Brianna saw how big her brother’s cocks were and became very hungry for them. Rachel watched from the kitchen for a while, she played with herself as it turned her on too. Finally Rachel heard one of her nephews call for her to join them and she took off into the bedroom. Rachel masturbated on the bed until she came several times. The nephew peeked in on Aunt Rachel and informed the rest that she was taking care of herself. The young men fucked Brianna and she sucked them both off until they came huge loads across her face.

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