[The Yuuwaku Project] Crystal Eizou – NITR-312 – Yui Hatano [English & Spanish Subbed] [1080p]

Long story short, Yui Hatano plays a wife who is trying to get pregnant and her husband is unable to do it, hence, she seduces her father-in-law in order to finally get pregnant. Sex acts include blowjob, pussy fingering, missionary, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl, creampie and pussy licking.

NOTE: This release has subtitles in English and Spanish, for the benefit of the 500+ million people in the United States, Canada, Latin America, Spain and other English and Spanish speaking countries around the world. This fansub provides English and Spanish translations for English and Spanish speaking people (and its descendents) and fans of Japanese Adult Videos (JAV) around the world, and I understand that I am not downloading this release within Japan, China, Taiwan and other countries which these material can be illegal or can be obtained through legal means.

Enjoy folks!


[SMD-110] S Model 110 – Oversize Black Fuck: Marie Konishi

Marie gets to shoot a movie in the comforts of her own home. She engages in the usual foreplay, oral sex and intercourse before being creampied in scenes one (interracial) and two (threesome). Scene two includes anal and double penetration sex; scene three features toy play and blowjobs to two guys leading to oral cumshots.

Scene 1: One-on-one creampie sex, fingering, cunnilingus, blowjob and handjob, 69.

Scene 2: Threesome sex, cosplay (maid), fingering, cunnilingus, blowjob and handjob, toy play, anal, double penetration, creampie.

Scene 3: Toy play to orgasm, fingering, blowjob and handjob to completion, cum in mouth.

Sex acts : fingering, bj, anal, dp, missionary, cg, rcg,


KRI-046 Reflection Harajuku / Omotesando Rape

Scene 01:
A cute long haired Japanese girl is tricked and lured away using a camera by two guys and force her into a van. Afterwards they are in a room where they tie her hands using plastic wraps. They forcefully remove her underwear and proceed to make her cum using different toys. Afterwards there is normal intercourse doggy and missionary and blowjobs finalizing with an internal cumshot.

Scene 02:
In this 2nd scene we have another cute long hair Japanese girl that gets tricked and into a deserted street and gets abducted. She is brought in a room by the two guys and forced to cum using toys while she has to give them titijobs. They take turn fucking her spoon, missionary and standing doggy, while she cries and complains. It ends up with an internal cumshot.

Scene 03:
This time the victim is a cute short haired girl, that gets forced into a van and gets moved into a room by 2 guys. Toys are being used on her and at one moment they even insert pocky sticks into her vagina (lol). She is forced into giving blojobs while the guys take turns fucking her. It ends up with one guy cumming on her face while the other one fingers her until she cums.


[BBI-151] Sexually Manipulative Slut Boss – The Plan To Double Sales At The DVD Shop – Rin Sakuragi [1080P]

Today, Eroero manager Rin Sakuraki, if you buy DVD, I will show you a live public SEX show !!” Exposed in the shop ignoring the shop’s notes! Squirt juice is scooped and licked to the throat until it gets deep inside. Jubojubo Erotic Echize Deep Fellat! While pleasantly reacting to the man, he straddled across the meat sticks and swooped up furiously and promoted seizure cum shot SEX! Call up the gallery W Blow Job, crush the vagina rush Repeat continuous fury acme Open FUCK! A sexual harassment attacking lewd woman manager!


DASD-417 Izumi Ran – Pee Pee, Nip-Slip

She is back and this time Izumi is letting her pee pee and nipple slip to seduce young guys!

Scene 1: Izumi seduces a young guy whilst cleaning. The scene starts with Izumi cleaning the carpet next to the coffee table. The young guy unable to control his urges, looking at her nice and exposed pee pee, start to suck it to her surprise. Izumi unable to resist allow the young man to continue sucking her. She then kiss him and then continue to make love.
A B/G scene, plenty of kissing, sucking and of course fucking.
Scene 2: Izumi seduces a mail man. A mail man come to deliver the mail, but to his surprise he can she Izumi’s expose pee pee and tits! Unable to resist anymore, the mail man grabs Izumi and start to suck her! Izumi was really surprise initially but then start to enjoy the attention given to her pee pee. She returns the favour by sucking the mail man, stroking their dicks together and mount him from the top. What follows next is a great sex between pretty Izumi and the mail man! B/G scene, plenty of sucking, mutual dick stroking and of course fucking – missionary, on top, doggy.
Scene 3: Now Izumi seduces two young guys! A threesome with Izumi!
Two young guys, now fully seduced by Izumi, decided to peep her whilst she asleep. Unable to resist anymore, one of them start sucking her expose pee pee. The other guy then join him to suck her erect penis. What follow next was a great threesome action, Izumi was mounted on different positions, missionary, on top, whilst she sucking her man. All bareback of course!

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