Fuck Me While Dad Moves Out – Mrs Mischief HD

Baby, I’m sorry you had to hear all that yelling…but I did it. I finally did it – I told your dad to move out! He’s packing right now.

Of course I didn’t tell him about us…he’d be in here us both, right now. But I did tell him that I want a divorce – and a real man in my bed. I just didn’t tell him that I already have one…and that it’s you, our son.

Mmm, baby, I’m so horny right now…let’s fuck while your dad packs his bags. Don’t worry, baby…he’s not going to come in here…fuck your mommy, baby, like you do…so good. Just lie there, son. I’ll straddle your young body, slide down my panties, and slip your big hard dick right up into mommy’s pussyhole. Be quiet!

Mm-hmm…that’s mommy’s favorite cock…feels so good inside me. Oh no, baby…I’m going to cum…riding your dick while your dad’s right outside the bedroom door. Fuck, baby!

Ohgod, you feel so good…fill mommy’s wet pussy all the way up with your fat dick, baby. Mmm…I know what mommy’s good boy wants…you want me to turn around, don’t you? So that you can watch my ass bounce up and down, right in your face, while I pump the cum out of your balls.

I’m going to ride you until you explode, baby…your dick is so hard…your balls are so fucking tight…that’s it, son…give mommy the cum. Careful baby, you’re going to make me cum again, too…oh god, oh god…he’s going to hear us. Fill mommy up, baby! Yes!

Wait, it’s awfully quiet out there now…do you think he left? Do you think it’s just you and me, alone in the house now, son? Because if your dad’s already left…mommy can make all the noise I want…and I want you to fuck me in the ass, son. Hard.

Includes : Taboo, Virtual Sex, Momma’s Boy

Category: TABOO
Keywords: milf, mother/son, orgasms, riding, mrs mischief

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