Identical Twins Caroll and Clare Are Unconvincing Virgins HD

Spoiled virgins Clare and her friend have threesome for their virgin sex!

Caroll and Clare are described as “friends”, but actually twin sisters. The scene involves some virginity rigmarole. A shady Russian doctor pronounces Caroll as a virgin and ready to be deflowered. After some fingering and cunnilingus, he does the deed missionary style. She goes to clean up and returns. After a blowjob, she fucks him some more in various positions – on her back, doggy (with her sister underneath) and on her side. It ends with a blowjob and cum on Caroll’s face and dripped onto her sister. Throughout the video, Clare is usually fingering herself nearby and giving encouragement. You can see from the screenshots the level of interaction between the girls – some stroking and touching but no kissing or more.

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