Mom And Aunt Seduction HD

Tony walks into the scene to find his Aunt ginary sitting on the couch. He sits next to her and they begin to talk. She asks how he has been and if he has a girlfriend yet. He tells her no, he is too shy to ask a girl out. He tells her has never even kissed a girl yet. She is baffled. She tells him he is an attractive young man and she cannot believe he has not experienced a woman yet. She tells him that she can teach him about sex. He shys away and she pursues him further. She takes out her tits and makes him touch them. He cannot believe he is touching boobs. She undresses him and begins to seduce him further. He cannot believe what is happening to him! Once they are both naked Mom walks in. She wants to know what is going on with the two of them. Aunt ginary tells her that her son is inexperienced sexually and she is teaching him. Mom says if anyone is going to be his first fuck, it is going to be her. She sucks her sons cock while Aunt ginary touches him and flirts with him. Mom mounts her son from the front as she kisses her Sister in front of her son while he is inside of her. She turns around and bends over for her son as he enters her from behind. She is playing with her sisters boobs as her son fucks her. Tony plays with his Aunts tits and she wraps her leg around him and his Mom. Mom tells Tony to cum inside of her as they are all wrapped together. What an awesome first time sexual experience! A threesome with his Aunt and his Mom!
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