English Subtitles – GVG-526 – Yui Hatano [1080p]

Director: Mamezawa Mametarou
Maker: Glory Quest
Label: Glory Quest
Languages: Japanese With English Subs
Cast: Hatano Yu

Story is about mother and son incest relationship family where father is death and mother and son stay to gather son see his friend touching is mom and he get a reaction to his cock and then incest feel of son start to her mom
Sex acts include pussy licking and pussy fingering, blowjob, missionary, creampie, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, Doggy, Supported Standing Doggy

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AUKG-378 – Married Looting Lesbian HD

Scene 1 stats off right off the bat with an older woman who is the bar owner and the woman who works there where they are making out. They do some talking as they play, the older woman just control the situation. She gets the workers tits out and licks and plays with them. She also rubs the workers pussy over her panties and then suddenly they hear some people enter the bar. They fix themselves up and see party of a few people including a few men and one woman come in. The owner is a gracious host and makes them feel welcome. Apparently the bar also serves overnight rooms for patrons to stay over during the night. The owner has her eye on the woman who came in with the group and plans to seduce her. Over the course of the night the woman and what appears to be her husband stay over during the night and drink with their hosts. The man get drunk and passes out. The woman however gets taken to a hot tub by the owner to relax. There she gets seduced as the woman kiss, play with each others tits. The owner eats the womans pussy and then makes her return the favor as well.

In scene 2 after the woman gets taken by the owner, they return to the room where they were drinking to find the husband still passed out. The owner then sends the woman off with her worker to another room, where they have sex. There is kissing, tit sucking, nipple play involved as the woman now really gets into sex with women. They play with their pussies and rub each other and eat each others cunts and bring themselves to orgasm.

IN the final scene the woman is getting blackmailed by the owner to come and meet them again. I think she probably threatens her to come or she will tell the womans husband or something. Needless to say, this is porn and the woman goes along. Once there the woman is taken to some kind of underground dungeon kind of play room. There she is made to watch the owner and her worker play with each other. The woman begins to get hot and squirms as she watches the two passionate and intimate women. The wife soon gets naked and joins them as the worker is getting eaten out by the owner. Then the worker and the woman go at it for a bit as the owner returns with a strapon. The worker then gets fucked in missionary until she orgasms by the owner. Next it is the womans turn to take it doggy style as the worker licks her body. The scene ends with the woman then getting fucked in missionary.


DMC-30/DMCR-30 Nose Hook Crazy Cumslut Rei Mizuna

Many guys finish on her face, she snorts the cum. Next many guys cum on her hair and in her mouth. She gives blowjob, gets fingering, she is fucked missionary, cowgirl, ends with facial.

Popular ‘M’ actress Mizuki Rei volunteers to become the ultimate nose hook slave!
In response to that, we have nose cum snorting, nose cum gargle, cum in nose, cum puking, rough gokkun, nostril suffocation, facial restraints, whole body expansion, and with a shameful, transformed appearance, performing a perverted dance in front of 100 guys.
She has fallen into being a semen addicted girl who wanders around a city with a strange face! Mizuki Rei! She has become a crazy, nose hook semen slave!


NSPS-690 – Villagers Acquaintance In Front Of Her Husband Embarrassed Condition Attached To The Wife’s Debt Who Was Made A Bleach

Scene 1 well is a big scene and it has a huge introductory scene where we see a couple who lives in a village and the husband has some debts that need to be payed to some local gangsters. Probably cos the husband has a gambling addiction or something, I cant be sure cos well I dont understand Japanese. In anycase his wife is taken as payment for his debts and all he can do is sit in a corner and cry as she gets used. In this scene there are two men that fuck her hard. They force themselves on her and get her tits out and eat her pussy and force her to give them blowjobs. Then she gets fucked in many many positions by the men like doggy style, missionary, standing doggy and even gets spit roasted. The husband sits like a pussy in a corner and doesnt want to see his wife get fucked or hear her squeals as she gets fucked hard. In the end she takes creampies and cum on her tits.

Scene 2 is short and since the last time the wife got fucked, these gangsters have now made it a habbit to come and fuck the wife. Shes seen as being more complacent now to be taken by these thugs as she readily blows them and gets fucked in doggy as she gets spit roasted and taken like a slut in heat. Her pussy is also eaten and she gets fucked in missionary. In this scene it isnt shown but it is implied that she takes cum in her pussy and its more of a small tiny scene.

In scene 3 we see the husband washing his wife in the bat and what seems like appologizing for their predicament and they both have an emotional moment. In scene 3 we see her go to a neighbour or someone who had watched her get fucked in scene 2. She very readily sucks on his dick and takes his cock in her pussy in missionary. She gets a call from her husband and it seems like she makes an excuse that she is out with some work and gets back to fucking the man. In the end the man cums on her belly.

In the final scene we see the gangsters and the man from scene 3 show up at the couples house and gang bang the wife. They forcefuly make her drink alcohol and then take her top of and her panties and play with her tits and her pussy right in front of her husband. The men eat her pussy, force their cocks in her mouth and then fuck her and spit roast her. While in the beginning there is a lot of resistence from her, once the cocks come out she turns into a complete whore and does what the men want. She takes cocks in missionary and doggy and takes cum in her pussy and tits by these multiple guys as the wimp husband sits and cries in the corner.


Rio Hamasaki, Yumi Kazami, Sayaka Minami Three sisters breasts tropical island tribe (AVGL104)

Rio Hamasaki, Yumi Kazama and Sayaka Minami are alone on a deserted island. They frolick, bathe in the sea, catch fish with spears and share meals.

They also share their love for each other because not only do they all have big amazing tits, they are also lesbians who can’t control themselves. They lick each others tongues, they kiss and make out, suck tits, eat pussy and grind they bodies together.


KV-152: Non-stop Shooting, Cleaning A Long Time To Cum 28 Volley In Uncut Edit Blow And Bukkake 17 Volley!

She is first groped by a group of men and then fucked Doggy-Style; Cowgirl; Spit-roasted and Missionary. In the next scene she rides Cowgirl: Missionary and then rides a long line of men (lying down in a row) one at a time Cowgirl. She is then fucked Missionary and Cowgirl again until they cum in her face.

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