Creampied By My Son – Miranda Durden HD

In this video, watch my son’s super massive load come squiring out of my wrecked pussy like Niagara Falls in torrential streams and sensuous drops. I was relaxing at my work desk and had not known that my husband’s son needed to come over to use our shower. To my surprise, he came into my office afterwards wearing only a towel! He had just turned 18 last month and I had never looked at him “that way.” I am a happily married woman. He started walking right toward me like he knew I would never be able to resist sucking his young, rock hard cock. He must have been dreaming of this for years, I could see the determination and animalistic sex deep in his eyes. I became instantly lost in his eroticism and drive that I could not resist what I saw when he dropped his towel. Then he bent me over my desk & fucked me so hard, he jizzed three times as much from watching my perfect bubble butt jiggle and bounce with every powerful thrust. I tried to get him to not cum inside me, I didn’t want to get pregnant, but he would not stop! But even my own husband can’t fill me up as much as my teenage son did. I could feel his warm jet enter my open cervix and I couldn’t help but take all it in. I feel my legs coated with his warm seed and feel his load streaming out of my swollen pussy lips onto the ground. The next time I make love to his father, I will not be able to get this escapade out of my mind. This should be interesting…

The vid starts with a bj, then doggy sex ending in a creampie.

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