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I am an incestuous mother who has found that controlling my son through orgasms works better than any form of punishment, and it’s much more pleasant for everyone involved. He’s reluctant each time, but he always relents because he can’t help but be aroused by the handjobs, blowjobs, and even the sex. My ex husband (his father) has just remarried, and in a way this new wife will be my son’s second mother. Some stepmothers spoil their new charges to keep them in line, but I don’t want her sending him back home to me a spoiled brat. I simply won’t tolerate back-sliding in his behavior training. We’re at her house & my son is already lying on the bed. Stepmother (Kimberly Kane) is pretty weirded out at first, and she’s reluctant to do what needs to be done. I decide that the best way to show her how easily my son can be controlled is by demonstrating my techniques. I start with a handjob, and I encourage her to give him a handjob too. He’s still being a brat, and I explain that sometimes a HJ just isn’t enough. So I give him a blowjob & ride him a little. Once she sees the effect it has on him, she actually gets a little bit turned on. I mean, he’s not her real son anyway, and she DOES want to have an easy transition into this family. So she milks his cock until he shoots his load. Finally, we have a compliant young man.

Mommy’s Pussy is the Best HD

When I left for work I gave you a huge list of chores to do. But then I took pity on you & came home early to help you with the chores. I walk into my bedroom & can’t believe my eyes! My own son masturbating in my bed! But that’s not even the worst part. I see that you’re looking at photos, so I pick them up & discover that it’s photos of ME you’re masturbating to! Wow. We need to deal with this right now, young man. I make you kneel naked on the floor beneath me. While you’re down there, I begin to lecture you. Masturbating is perfectly normal & healthy, but it’s not normal to masturbate to your mother.

Unfortunately you’re not paying attention to me, I notice, as you’re staring up my skirt at my panties & your cock keeps getting harder. You’re usually such a good boy, but today you’re obviously mommy’s naughty boy. You like staring at the back of mommy’s leather skirt? You try to deny it, but your twitching dirty cock gives you away. By the end of this “talk” you’ll be willing to do anything for me.
Do you want to see mommy’s pussy? You’re a dirty boy, and I bet you’d like to get off to it. Worship it first. Then you’re going to make mommy cum. That’s it, make mommy cum. Lick my pussy until I orgasm. Good boy. Oh my! Your dirty bitch cock is about to burst, isn’t it? Get on the bed & mom will give you a little treat. You like it when mother milks you. You like having your dirty cock licked, kissed & sucked. And now you’re going to do whatever I want; you’re going to be my obedient little boy.

How badly do you want to fuck mommy? Your cock is so twitchy at the mention of fucking mommy’s pussy. Beg to put your dirty cock inside me. I want you to fuck me like a good boy & make me cum again. This is the only pussy that you’re ever going to want. If you ever try to have sex with another woman, you’ll always wish it was mommy’s pussy instead. You’re not done yet. I want you to cum deep inside me.

As I let the creampie drip out of me, I tell you that we’re going to have to do this again. Why? Because Mommy Says So.

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Mommy Edges Cock for Precum HD

Custom (no name): It’s after breakfast and, just like every morning, your mother comes in to get her daily dose of precum. She takes out your cock & touches it with her hands & her mouth, edging you over & over again, each time licking & sucking up the precum. She’s hungry for your precum & teases you with handjob & blow job, driving you crazy. You want to cum so bad, but she won’t let you until she’s had her fill. Finally she jerks you off until you explode, fully releasing all the tension.

My Awesome Mother’s Proposal HD

Custom (no name): You have a great relationship with your mother. Some people might find it odd, but you really enjoy spending time together. Every night when she gets home from work you eat dinner & watch movies together. Sometimes you even snuggle. But before dinner & movies, you have sex. Tonight is the same as every night. When mother comes home this evening she has a special surprise for you though. She thinks it’s time that you two start living as husband & wife. You already spend all of your free time together, and don’t you want to live with her forever? Isn’t the sex just amazing?

She talks about where you should have the wedding, what kind of food you’ll have at the reception, and who will be invited. Mother knows you’re having sex with your principal, so of course she’ll be invited too. Also, your aunts will be there since you’re fucking them already. They can actually be like your other wives, and you can all be one big happy family. While mom is riding your young cock, she asks you to think about her proposal. If you cum inside her & give her a wonderful creampie, she’ll know your answer is yes.

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