Nikki Brooks & Cory Chase in Moms and Daughters HD

Scene One: Mom Takes Over

Nikki is getting ready for bed. Sliding her hands over her body she wishes she had her mom’s big tits. Cory walks in and smiles at her daughter wearing her cute silky nighties. Playful touching gives Nikki a tingle in her pussy and she suddenly feels a lust for her mother.

Hand in hand they walk to mommy’s bedroom and lay themselves on the cool covers. Their hot mouths kisses one another, their hot bodies begging to be touched. A part of them know it’s wrong, but it’s been a long time coming. With dad out of the house no one will hear Nikki’s moans of pleasure as her mom touches and licks her sensitive wet pussy.

Scene Two: Daughter Takes Over

Nikki can’t take it, she has to taste her mom’s pussy. Sliding down Cory’s tight black panties Nikki tongues her mom’s clit. Cory’s mouth opens in wordless pleasure at the feeling of her daughter’s head between her legs. Nikki worships her mom’s big tits, wishing they were her own.

Hands and tongues trace all over their bodies in the ultimate act of love between mother and daughter. They make each other cum harder than they ever have before. The naughty play, the wrongness of fucking your mother, and the pure pleasure of two hot girls send them over the edge. They wrap each other in their arms and go to sleep content.

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