[HotWifeRio] Partial Siterip – 15.09.2018 to 25.01.2019 [1080p]


This is a partial siterip of Hot Wife Rio. This pack contains all the videos in 1080p dating from September 15, 2018 to January 25, 2019, including the camshows which are in 360p. Rio Blaze isn’t your typical housewife. This half Brazilian, half Columbian babe has her own website and she uses it to show people just how horny she can be. She is a completely sex crazed nymphomaniac who wants to share her kinky sex life with everyone. Hardcore sex, blowjobs, lesbian sex, and cumshots are just a few things you’ll see. She roleplays, has sex with lots of different guys and acts out her bisexual and incestual fantasies.

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #19: This week I was with a new guy JD Cox. He filmed it for his site and my site. I’m not sure why some of it was filmed side ways?! Anyway, I met him in Nashville and he came to my hotel room. I did a strip tease for him and then had him take his cock out for me. I started off by jerking and sucking on it and then he licked my pussy. He then asked me to fuck him so I sat on his cock and then when I had built up his load he came in my mouth. Lots of fun!

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #20: This week when I was in Phoenix one of my fans called me and asked if he could come see me again. I told him he could and gave him the address to my hotel. I could tell when I kissed him that he was very excited to see me. His bulge in his shorts gave it away! I told him to get undressed and wait for me on the bed while I finished getting dressed. I then came over to him and straddled his legs leaned over and kissed him again. I then ran my hands down on his chest to his stomach and then down to his cock. I ran my hands over it and then rubbed my pussy over it. I was still wearing my thong and could feel it getting wet underneath me. He touched my breasts and sucked on them while I continued rubbing his cock with pussy. I then got off and began teasing him cock with my tongue and then sucking on it. He got so hard in my mouth. I then took my panties off and straddled him again and rubbed my ass and pussy on his balls while I stroked his cock. I then grabbed the condom and slid it on him and then put it in my pussy. I I then fucked his cock rocking back and forth. He then picked me up and put me on my back and spread my legs and entered me. He fucked me so good! I then sucked on his cock again and then he took me from behind. He grabbed my hips and pounded my pussy from behind. He then took the condom off and came in my mouth. Nice big load for me!

I LOVE MY DILDO #40: This week when I was in Phoenix my friend David (member) gave me all these fun toys to play with so I thought I would try them out. Plus I was really horny and needed to cum! I love making naughty videos for my hubby to watch while I’m away. I had three dildos to play with so I started off with the smallest one and worked my way up to the biggest one. I just love sticking hard things in my pussy! I started off by showing you my sexy outfit that my friend Jack (member) sent me. I then pulled out the first shorter glass dildo and got it nice and wet and then I pulled my panty to the side and fingered myself first and to get my pussy wet. I tasted my juices and then bent over and teased you with my ass. I then pulled the panties off and laid back on the chair. I sucked on the glass dildo and then slid it inside my pussy. It felt so good going in. Nice and cold and hard. I put it in then tasted my juices and then fucked my pussy again while I pinched my nipples. I then got out the longer glass dildo. I squirted some coconut oil on my pussy then spread my legs and pushed it all the way in. It felt so good I ended up coming with it inside me! Thank you for making me cum so good!

I LOVE MY DILDO #41: This week I received a very nice gift from a friend. A pair of Christian Louboutin boots. He wanted me to model the boots the boots and play with my pussy for him. I love knowing that you’re stroking your cock for me! I got so turned on thinking of your hard cock inside me. I just wish I could fuck you right now. I pulled out my tits and rubbed my nipples and then pulled my panties to the side and fingered myself. I then took out a big toy that another friend bought me. I love all these gifts! Thank you! This hard cock feels so good, just like the real thing! I sucked on it and got it real wet so I could slide my pussy down on that cock. It felt so good going in. I fucked from behind then and then got on my back so I could cum all over it. It felt so good! I want your cum all over me now!

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #21: This week one of my clients drove down from Phoenix to see me. He’s so cute and fun to be with! I told him to undress and get on the bed for me. I then came in and straddled him and started off by kissing him and touching his chest. I still had my sheer pantyhose on but rubbed my pussy on him and I could feel the wetness coming through. I then pulled my breasts out of my bra and let him touch them. As I rocked back and forth his cock was getting hard for me. I then leaned in to kiss him again. I rubbed my breasts on his cock and then took of my bra. I then began sucking on his very hard cock. It felt so good in my mouth! I then titty fucked his cock and could feel his pre cum on his head slipping up and down between my cleavage. I then took my pantyhose off and sucked on his cock while he fingered me. I then got on top of him and slid down on his cock. It felt so good in my tight little pussy! I fucked him real good and made myself cum on his cock and then I told him to stay there while I came on his cock. He then jerked his cock off into my mouth. His cum was so good and sweet!

I LOVE MY DILDO #42: This morning I woke up in Cleveland really horny from fucking all those cocks last night. My pussy was aching so I decided to make a sexy video and make myself cum for you. I slept in a sexy pink nightie and modeled it and did a strip tease for you. I then pulled my big breasts out and squeezed my nipples and made them hard. This really turned me on. I then ran my hand down the inside of my panties and touched my hairy pussy. I was starting to get wet. I then got on the bed and bent over on all fours and pulled my panty to the side. I fingered my pussy and thought of your big cock inside me. I then got out the big toy you sent me and got it lubed up so I could slide my pussy down on it. It pulled my lips apart spreading my pussy nice and wide. I rocked back and forth on the big cock and then laid down on my back so I could push it in even further and deeper till it filled my up so good. As I fucked it I yelled for you to fuck me and cum inside me. It made me cum so good! I then licked the creamy cum off the cock. I can’t wait to fuck you again later!

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #22: This week I auditioned a new guy in Tucson. I loved his photos and his cock so I told him I’d meet him at his place. I started off by showing him my sexy outfit and stripping and then making out with him. He’s so cute and sweet! I sucked on his cock while he fingered me and that excited me so fast that I told him I wanted his cock inside me. I then took my panties off and straddled his legs and slid down on his cock. It felt so good. I fucked him for a bit and then he came. I pulled the condom off and held it upside down on my tongue so I could get all the cum out. I ate it all up!

I LOVE MY DILDO #43: I was in a hotel room in Cincinnati getting ready to work for the day. I was wearing a new outfit that one of my members sent me. I like to play with myself to get me ready for all the guys I’m going to see so I got out this huge toy to fuck. I love stretching my pussy out and fucking a big toy cock so I get can all wet and creamy. I love thinking off all the new guys I’m going to meet and fuck while I finger my pussy. I like imagining that their all in the room with their dicks out while I have my legs spread open for them. I want them to fuck me real deep and shoot their loads inside me! I then came all over the toy cock. It felt so good!

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #23: This week I gave one of my clients a sensual massage. I had on a sexy red corset with stockings and heels. I had him lay on his stomach so I could start on his back to relax him. I worked on his back and then took the towel off to massage his ass. After that I had him flip over so I could work on his chest. He rubbed my breasts while I kissed him and rubbed my thong covered pussy on him. I took the towel off and his cock was rock hard. It really turned me on to see him excited for me. I couldn’t resist sucking on his cock. I loved licking and kissing his big head and circling it with my tongue. I then went all the way down on it and sucked on it real deep in my mouth. I also licked his balls, played and sucked on him for a long time. I took my panties off and got on the table, stood up and then squatted down on his cock sliding it inside me. It felt so good! I rode it till I had an orgasm. I then got off him and licked and sucked him off. He had saved a big load just for me! I love that when my clients hold their loads for me!

I LOVE MY DILDO #44: This week I got some new toys from my David. He’s one of my members and now a good friend. I opened up the box and there was three anal plugs from small to large. I’m pretty sure he knows I rarely do anal but he must have been hoping I would do this for him. Let me see which ones I can squeeze in there. I slid the small one in first and that when felt good. I enjoyed that so I tried the medium size one and I couldn’t get that one in there. I didn’t even try the largest one. Instead I put that one in my pussy and the small one in my ass at the same time. I loved how good the big one hit my g-spot. I fucked my pussy real good with it and with both my holes filled I came so good!

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #24: This week I met with an old boy toy of mine. It had been 3 years since I’d seen him so I was very excited! We made out for a long time before getting undressed. We then slowly undressed each other and got on the bed on all fours and had him at the edge so I could suck on his cock. He played with my ass and grabbed my hips while I sucked. He then laid on the bed and I sucked on him again. I wanted to get him super hard before I straddled his legs and sat my pussy down on it. It felt so good fucking his cock again! He then did me from behind and pounded my pussy real good. It didn’t take him long to make me cum! He then fucked me while I was on my back with my legs spread and kissed me passionately. He’s such a great kisser! I wanted to get his cum in my mouth so I got on the floor and jerked and sucked him off. He finished it off with a big load into my mouth. I love that sweet young cum!

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #25: This week I invited JJ over. I had so much fun with him last time and was aching to have sex with him again. We started off by kissing (such a sweet kisser) and then moved on to feeling each others bodies. He loves sucking on my tits and gets a bit aggressive with my nipples. I then took my panties off and he played with ass and pussy. I then pulled off his pants and began sucking on his dick. He gets hard so fast! We then moved to the bed and I sucked on him some more and then rubbed my ass on his dick while he sucked on my nipples again. It really turns me on to have them played with. I then went back to sucking on him while he rubbed my pussy. I wanted to feel his dick inside me so I squatted on top of him and slid my pussy down. His dick felt so good that it didn’t take long for me to cum or him for that matter! I licked his dick clean and got all the cum off.

I LOVE MY DILDO #45: I was alone all weekend since my hubby was still out of town snow boarding and I need to cum so bad! So, I’m asking for your help guys. I want you to pull your cock out for me and let me watch you stroke it while I cum for you. I’ll begin by showing you my sexy outfit and then pull out my breasts so I can cup them in my hands and rub my nipples. When my nipples get stimulated my pussy gets wet. I then pull down my panties so you can see my hairy little bush and then turn around so I can pull them down over my ass. I then spread my cheeks so you can come up behind me and lick me. I love feeling a warm tongue in between my cheeks. Run your tongue down my crack to my pussy lips and spread them open with your tongue. You can taste my juices. I then pull out a big toy cock and get it wet so I can slide it inside me. I then fuck my pussy while you stroke your cock for me and then I cum for you!

LIKE MOTHER LIKE DAUGHTER #27: This week I had a surprise Christmas gift for my friend James. I told him I would give him a bj but he didn’t know he would be having two sexy girls sucking him off. I went into the living room first and began kissing him and playing with his dick and then Mia walked in and surprised him. He’s never had a mother daughter duo so this was a real gift for him. We took turns and also sucked on his cock together. When it was time for him to cum we shared the load like we always do! So yummy! Merry Christmas!

FINISH IN MY MOUTH #4: This week I was headed to Chicago so I thought I’d put something real sexy on for my hubby. I wanted to make him cum for me before I told him I was leaving again on another trip. He loves when I wear sexy corsets and high heeled boots. I love showing him my body and making him hard for me. I pulled my big tits out first so he could play with them and then he pulled his big cock out for me. I put my mouth around his cock and took it in as deep as I could sucking and licking his shaft. I get so turned on sucking on his cock. I sucked and sucked until he let me have a big load in my mouth and tits. He has the sweetest cum!

BIG TIT CREAMPIE #4: This week after I got home from my over night trip to Phoenix I put on the same sexy outfit for my hubby that I wore for my client last night. I was such a naughty whore and I wanted to tell him all about it. I could still smell his cologne on my dress and his cum still lingered on my panties. I started off by making out with him and straddling his waist. I then pulled out his cock and put some oil on it. I stroked it while I rubbed my crotch on his balls. I then got off the bed and took my panties off and then bent over and sucked on his hard cock. My hubby then pulled me up on the bed and spread my legs and slid his cock inside me. I could feel his big balls rubbing up against my ass while he bounced on my pussy. It felt so good! I love the way he fucks me! He then shot a big creamy load inside me. I then pushed the cum out for all of you to see. I love fucking him!

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #26: This week I was with one of my young college boys. I was really excited to see him again and this time I let him fuck me bareback. I started off by showing him my sexy body and then sucking on his big young cock. I then stripped for him and got down to my stockings, garter belt and heels. I put some coconut oil on his cock and I rubbed my pussy on him while I stroked him. I could feel his cock stretching my pussy when I slid down on him. It’s a pretty wide cock too. I love the curve on his cock head. When he’s inside me it rubs right up against my g-spot. It feels amazing! I rocked back and forth on his cock and fucked him till I came. He then got me on my back and I spread my legs and pussy open so he could penetrate me. He could fuck me real deep that way and I love feeling his balls up against my ass. He fucked me until he shot his big load in my pussy. It felt so good getting a big creampie today!

CHEATING WIFE IN HOTEL #27: This week I’m with a new college boy. I was so excited when he sent me photos. I put on short jean mini skirt, lingerie and stockings. When he came in he looked so cute. I couldn’t wait to take advantage of him. I showed him my sexy outfit and started teasing him. I then talked dirty and pulled out my big tits and got down on my knees and pulled his shorts off and pulled his boxers off and then let his cock come out. I stroked his cock running my fingers up and down his shaft and then I put it in my mouth. I sucked on him for a while and then had him sit on the couch. I then pulled off my panties and showed him my hairy pussy. I asked him if he wanted me to fuck him or just give him a blow job but he wanted everything! I sat down on the coffee table and spread my legs and then pussy for him. I wanted him to see exactly what he was going to get! I then got in between his legs and sucked on his cock again. I also titty fucked him. I then asked him if he wanted me and he said yes so I put the condom on and straddle his legs and slid my pussy down on him. I fucked him till I came and then got off him. I wanted to get his load in m mouth. I continued sucking and licking until he let out a huge creamy load for me. I just love young cocks!

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