We Both Love It When Your Father Is Away HD

You are not asleep yet? I was sure you were waiting for me :) you love these nights when your father is away..you know I love it too..I love it when is just you and me and I can’t wait to make you feel good,because if my son is feeling good,I am happy.mmm I missed this so much..you taste so good,I love sucking your cock.I like it when your father is away and we can do whatever we love and we love doing these dirty pervert things :) mmm this is making me so wet…honey,what if this time we are going to be a bit crazier?:) what if mom is going to fuck you?you know..I love sucking your cock,but I need to feel this cock inside of me! your father is too old to fuck me,but I am still young and I have needs and I am sure you will love how mom is going to fuck you :)

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