Lovely Lilith – Wicked Step Mom Steals Your Sperm HD

After a freak accident, you find yourself bed-ridden with your arms wrapped in bandages. You’ve become helpless, and rely entirely on your support at home. Your stepmother has informed you that she sent your nurse home… and that your father has gone away on a business trip–again. Now, it’s just you and her in the house. Your stepmom was clearly a gold digger, and is only in the marriage with your father to take his fortune when he dies. His newest female coworker has your stepmom worried, though. So, in order to cement her place in your dad’s fortune, she’s decided she’s going to get pregnant. The only problem is– your dad’s sperm isn’t working. Now, she wants yours. Unable to move, your only option is to allow your stepmom to have her way with you. In the end, she’ll make sure you cum willingly… In fact, you might even beg to.

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